Series PlaceBoatType of BoatOwnerHandicapSeries PointsSpring 1Spring 2Spring 3Spring 4Spring 5
1ArgentoJeaneau Sunshine 38K Andrew0.78231111DNC5
2Green KestrelGK 29S Powrie0.69662232DNC5
3IncitatusSigma 38 C Shaw0.79611RET5DNC5RET5DNC51
4HoodlumX-332R Ferguson0.79212DNC5DNC52DNC5DNC5


DNC-Did Not come to Starting Area DNS-Did Not Start OCS-On Course Side of Start Line
ZFP-Z Flag Penalty under Rule 30.2 BFD-Black Flag Disqualification under Rule 30.3 SCP-Scoring Penalty under Rule 44.3
DNF-Did Not Finish RET-Retired DSQ-Disqualification
DNE-Disqualification Not Excludable DGM-Disqualification Not Excludable under Rule 90.3b RDG-Redress
PNE-Penalty Not Excludable DPI-Discretionary Penalty Imposed

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