Hoodlum’s Scottish Series Success!

Hoodlum Racing News from Silvers Marine Scottish Series 2014.

DAY 1 (Gourock to Tarbert)

Following a brisk wind 1hr before the start, conditions eased almost to a drift but all classes got underway from the Gourock start line, albeit on Hoodlum the tide and strong river flow caught us out and we hit the start mark! We managed our turns easily in the light conditions and thankfully it didn’t penalise us too much. It was then a case of wind hunting, tide management and dehydration as we made our way to a channel marker off Largs marina. In the distance we noted several of the big boys in IRC Class 1 were dropping their kites and beating back a considerable distance including Zephyr, Roxstar and Prime Suspect, all having been so involved in their tussle they failed to correctly pass a mark of the course and had to return to round it. Amazingly Zephyr later recovered from this to win her class.   Rounding the Garroch head it was then a beat, reach, lull in repetitive sequence to the inside of Inchmarnock where the wind direction and strength was a complete lottery. Fortunately in the light and disappearing airs the committee shortened the course and Hoodlum finished last in class over the line but 1st on corrected.



DAY 2 (Otter Ferry Course)

After a delay of approximately 1hr waiting for the breeze all classes started some 5 miles south of Tarbert in the middle of Loch Fyne.   Our course was a short beat of 1.3 miles amongst the full fleet then a zig-zag course back up the Loch crossing between the Portavadie and Tarbert shores where again the winds went light especially for the lead boats including ourselves before the wind filled in from the South bringing with it the rest of the fleet. Following the rounding of the last Portavadie side mark the wind again died and we drifted for over 30mins tweaking and tip-toeing our way across the loch to finish 2nd over the line and 1st on corrected.

DAY 3 (Round Inch Course)

A mass CYCA start line of 40 boats in one tight to the Tarbert shore proved daunting but everyone got across in one piece. The course took us near to Ardlamont point in wind speeds building from 15 to 25 knts. Slightly overpowered we managed to free off round the north of Inchmarnock for a reach south, just before we broke our tiller extension thanks to some serious crew momentum in the cockpit!   The swinging wind then meant that rounding the southern tip of the island across to Kilbrannan sound was another shy reach before heading back on the beat to Skate before a run finish to Tarbert.   After a tiring day on the water we finished 3rd over the water and 2nd in class only missing out on 1st by 1 second after a 2.5hr race.

DAY 4 (Round the cans)

A light breeze greeted the full fleet racing together in the middle of Loch Fyne south of Tarbert. All classes managed 2 races in the tense and trying conditions as we achieved our objective of covering our nearest class rival. This day also say the closest racing for us against another X332 from Campbeltown and it was nice to come out on top.   In both races we finished 3rd over the water but 1st on corrected.   Job done, class won and pressure off it was time for the beers (again).

Argento was also competing at the event under CCC and recorded a sound 5th on Day 1 and an excellent 3rd on Day 4 race 2. She unfortunately blew one of her kites on Day 3 crossing to Kilbrannan in the gusty conditions. In the end Kenny recorded a credible 9th in a class of seasoned sailors. Jonathan Dickie from Hydra was also at the event on a Sonata, Jon Panda, placing 10th in probably the most competitive fleet in the series. Indeed this was recognised by the organising committee in awarding the overall trophy to another sonata Red Hot Poker. Shoreside at Tarbert was not as lively as past years but we all enjoyed the Tarbert hospitality as ever.

Full series results here http://www.eastmore.biz/sailing/YR13/YachtReport2013.php?file=ccc/Tarbert_2014.csv

Caledonia Sailing Report here http://www.caledoniasailing.com/a-red-hot-finish-for-scottish-series

Hoodlum Crew

Hoodlum Crew (L-R) Paul Dalby (main trim), Michael Brechin (mast and jib trim), Robin Ferguson (owner and helm), Arran Cameron (foredeck and jib trim), Dougie Campbell (tactician Sat & Sun).











Arran Cameron
Racing Secretary & Hoodlum crew.

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