DanTent Hire

The Club has a steel tube framed Dan Tent that can be used by boatowners as a shelter when dry conditions are required for maintenance. A nominal hire charge is made for this facility to cover its maintenance cost. The conditions of its use are set out below.



  • This document of understanding is to be read by the user, and signed that it has been understood and will be abided by.
  • Erecting and dismantling of the tent is a members self-help activity.
  • All applications for use of the Dancover (tent) are to be made in writing to the Council, copied to the Compound Convenor or designated assistant, and should detail dates required and the work to be carried out.
  • The hire periods will be counted by weekends ie a four week hire period will comprise of four weekends. There is a non-chargeable period of 2 days before and after hire for erection/dismantling.
  • As much notice as possible of the proposed hire should be given (minimum 2 weeks – to allow the compound convenor sufficient time to reposition boats, transporter etc). Application for extensions to the hire period are to be made to the compound convenor in writing.
  • In the case of conflicting applications the council will reconcile.
  • The tent is not for use outwith the Club compound without the express permission of the Council.
  • It is boat owner’s responsibility for the erection, dismantling and return of the tent to storage. The work party is to be organised by the hirer. A minimum of 6 persons is advised.
  • SDS Hammer Drill and long bits will be required to pre-drill pegging down holes (can be day-hired locally)
  • Suitable stepladders or 3m scaffold tower will be required (can be day-hired locally)
  • Any damage done to the tent must be reported to the compound convenor or assistant. All damage (with the exception of normal wear and rear) will be the responsibility of the hirer.
  • If spray painting is to be undertaken the tent is to be lined with polythene or other suitable material to avoid damage to the fabric cover.
  • Instructions for erecting the tent are available as a pdf or hardcopy and will be supplied.
  • Electricity used to heat the tent interior will be metered and charged at cost. Payable on termination of hire.
  • The tent is not to be unattended whilst being heated.
  • Fire extinguishers are to be located within the tent
  • Cost of hire:
    1st 4 weekend period : £50
    2nd 4 weekend period :  £20 per week
    Subsequent weeks : £30 per week
  • Hire fee for the first period (£50) is payable in advance
  • Whole/part winter storage may be available depending upon demand

Members wishing to hire the Dan Tent should contact the Compound Convener.