Update 13-01-21

Dear members,

We trust you are well and keeping safe.

We ask that you follow the Scottish government and RYA guidance that is updated regularly by our TCC Covid team.

There are currently procedures in place to keep our club members as safe as is practically possible, in light of the current circumstances the Covid measures put in place by TCC must be adhered to.

Boats both in the compound and on all the moorings are being checked regularly and any issues that can’t be addressed at the time will be reported to the boat owner.  Where members have a special concern e.g. suspected leaky gland which requires regular pumping out, or to fix additional lines for security please advise.

We would ask members to be particularly careful at the moment especially when accessing the club pontoons as they are particularly slippery. If attending the club after dark we would suggest that you do not do so alone for safety reasons.

In light of the current position, which is ever-changing, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to meet our planed lift-in date in March.

We will reassess the situation at the end of this lockdown period in order to set an achievable new date.

When the current restrictions are lifted to allow those more distant members to travel to the club, we would encourage them to take advantage of this to get their boats prepared for lift- in.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding in these difficult times and look forward to when your life and that of the club can get back to normal.

Kind regards Kyle Stewart
moorings/ compound convenor, moorings/ compound committees.

RYA edited update

RYA Scotland Guidance Update for Scotland

January 08, 2021

TCC edited version, what I think is relevant to us

Andy McRoberts

Part of the Covid team

We should all follow RYA and Scottish Gov Rules

From Tuesday 5 January, mainland Scotland moved from Level 4 to a Temporary Lockdown, with new guidance to stay at home except for essential purposes. Some islands will remain at Level 3.

RYA, Our updated guidance covers the essentials of the current restrictions as they affect boating in Local Authority areas in Level 3 and those within Temporary Lockdown. It should be read in conjunction with the most recent full guidance from RYA Scotland issued on 3 December 2020 noting specifically that Temporary Lockdown supersedes all Level 4 information.

It is still possible to go boating as a form of exercise, following the outdoor gathering rules, but we remind everyone that we are in the grip of a pandemic that has become significantly worse in recent weeks.

The overriding message for Scotland’s boating community is to ‘Stay at Home’ wherever possible and we must all do our bit to stop the spread of the virus. 

RYA advise. Travel is severely restricted by law and you may only travel to your boat if it is kept in the same local authority area you live in.

  • NB Scottish Government guidelines state; local outdoor recreation, sport or exercise, walking, cycling, golf, or running that starts and finishes at the same place (which can be up to 5 miles from the boundary of your local authority area) as long as you abide by the rules on meeting other households

Troon Cruising Club Remains open, we have our risk assessment in place.

Toilets can remain open

RYA Subject to a full risk assessment, facility providers such as Clubs, Training Centres, Marinas and Boatyards may open to allow access for boat owners but will each make their own decisions on whether or not they open their doors or gates to people in the locality.

We encourage boat owners to utilise the services of volunteers (at TCC)  if at all possible, in an effort to avoid making a journey, to respect that (TCC) may at times not be able to open and RYA advise owners to contact facility providers before travelling to confirm access.

At TCC we still have our volunteers checking all the boats regularly in the water and around the compound.

RYA. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area within which you are able to get to your boat, please consider if you can help out someone else who cannot travel, by checking their boat for them.

Importantly in this lockdown, you may travel within your local authority area to go boating as your form of exercise or for essential maintenance on your boat. For the time being essential maintenance is work which if not undertaken would cause failure or become an imminent safety issue.

RYA Travel for essential maintenance should not be used as a pretext to spend the day onboard ‘pottering’ or for a weekend away. You should not stay longer than the length of time required to undertake essential maintenance.

Troon Cruising Club will remain open as long as we can.

We must follow  all the Government rules this includes:

Face coverings
Avoid crowded places
Clean your hands regularly
Two metres distance
Self Isolate and book test if you have any symptoms

Please Do Not Visit Troon Cruising Club If you or any member of your household has any symptoms or you know you have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms.


See attached lockdown chart.

TCC RYA lockdown chart 9 Jan 21

John McFarlane Trophy

TROON CRUISING CLUB                                                SPECIAL AWARD

Dear members,

I invite you to put forward your nominations for The John McFarlane Memorial Trophy for the 2020-2021 membership year.

The trophy is presented to the club member who, in the opinion of the membership, has done most for the Club in the year. If you think someone has been particularly helpful, hard working, or has given new focus to any activity and deserves recognition, then please feel free to nominate that person.

John McFarlane was elected Commodore in February 1999, and tragically died a few short weeks later. He had been a Council Member for many years and the Club had looked forward to his leadership.  It was the family’s wish that John be remembered in this way, and the trophy is well worth winning.

Who do you think should have the honour this year?

Rules of the Award

  1. This Trophy is awarded to the Club Member, who in the opinion of the T.C.C. membership has contributed most to the Club in the preceding year.
  2. The family has specifically requested that this Trophy be awarded for non-sailing
  3. The Trophy may be awarded to any member of Troon Cruising Club.
  4. Only in the event of a tie, will the Council determine the appropriate recipient of the Trophy. This decision will be final.
  5. Closing date for receipt of votes will be 31 December 2020.

Normally we would invite a return of voting slips but this year I would ask that you simply reply by email to trooncruisingclub@gmail.com with the member whom you wish to nominate . Please ensure that you also add your name to the reply email as your email address may not obviously identify you.


Connor McGaughey

TCC RYA Update 19 November 2020

TCC relevant  UPDATE 19 November 2020

Dear Members

As of 1800 hrs on Friday TCC toilets will be closed, for at least the 3 weeks that South Ayrshire is in level 4.

At this time of interpretation we are not closing access to the Club.

We hope you can  make use of the time we have, to ready your boat for lift in on the 13th March 2021. Please read on and check the restriction on travel etc in your post code area. Unable to travel Boat checks will be carried out by Mooring/ Compound committee volunteers. 

 RYA Before participating in any boating activity, for leisure, training or competition, please check the most up to date guidance and associated restrictions for your local area. Participants, clubs and centres should be prepared for restrictions to change at short notice and this may result in activity being adapted, postponed or cancelled.

To check what level of measures applies in your area or venue where you intend to participate in activity, please check the postcode on the Government webpage. Copy and paste to your browser https://www.gov.scot/check-local-covid-level/

I have included below a copy of the list of restriction from the RYA previously posted to members.

Andy McRoberts, from the Covid Team