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2019 confirmed race calendar

Morning everyone,

Attached is the 2019 race calendar including races associated with the musters and a dedicated day in August where we hope to hold an open day and mini regatta with the focus on socialising and fun as opposed to hard nosed racing. A copy of this calendar will be up on the notice board today and new course card and revised sailing instructions will follow shortly.

Start times for the Wednesday Wacky races are up for discussion and I would hope to hold an evening meeting nearer to lift in when everyone is starting to think about the season in full again. This calendar cannot happen by itself so I would appreciate if you would indicate even an interest in participating in the racing this year. I am reassured that arrangements have been made for the Lady Isle bout to be reinstated and hope to set up a “WhatsApp “ or similar group to facilitate crews for boats on a week to week basis.

In contrast to previous years a “race” will count even if there is only one starter as otherwise there is no incentive for crews to turn up. There will be three possible outcomes in the event on only one competing boat:
1) The seating boat sails and completes the course and scores 1 point
2) The starting boat communicates with the OOD for the night and states its intention to cross the line but retire, (you can go for a sail if you wish but it allows the OOD to go home. Score: 2 points
3) Your yacht is not competing on this night: Score: 6 points

In this way you are rewarded for turning up and by simply sailing regularly you have a significantly higher chance of winning any given series.

I would also like yachts to “register” their intention to sail either via a board outside the club on the day/evening of racing or via VHF on channel 72 to the OOD and for the OOD to give a report of sea state, any shipping moment and wind strength as observed form the end of the pier 30 minutes prior to any race start time.

As I said previously updated guidelines and sailing instructions including course cards will follow.

I hope your boat preparations are going well and you are looking forward to the cruising and racing season ahead.

Best Wishes

Connor McGaughey

TCC Snowflake Series Race 2 Results

Race report: Sunday 10th February 

Snowflake (winter series) race 2
Start time 12.40
Course: modified Southerly “long “ course with Irvine buoy to starboard
Competing boats:
Stevie B.  (Helm Phil Beard with
                    crew Gary Muir and
                    Stuart Powie)
Argento  (Ken Andrew with crew
                  Chris Barrand, Euan
                  MacKinnon, Tori Proven
                  & Andy Brittan)
Conditions: Wind : W to SW 16-24 knots. Sunny with air temp 6 degrees. Sea state: slight – moderate
A fresh and bright afternoon race took place on Sunday with the two boats competing with 8 crew members between them. The wind experienced was a little fresher than the forecast 12 knots so both boats elected not to fly a spinnaker as the angles were too tight; Stevie B had battle even before the start sequence at 12.35 with its jib track and ultimately after returning to the outer harbour managed to get her number two jib up and retained a reef in the main.
Several squalls were seen on the race course but largely avoided though luck more than anything.
20 minutes separated the two boat over the water after around one hour forty minutes racing but in corrected time the finish was a much closer call.

Good fun was apparently had by both boats and crew with the quote of the day being from Gary Muir in Stevie B:

Gary. Phil does Stevie B have an oven?
Phil. Yes Gary why do you ask?
Gary. Next time we can put the pies on during the race and they’ll be nice and warm when we get back on the pontoon.

Stevie B – Race 1

Argento crew

Argento skipper

As Phil Beard and Kenny Andrew have offered previously, If any member is interested in crewing on Stevie B or Argento in future races in the Snowflake Series please contact Phil Beard on 07503923220 or Kenny Andrew on 07840475604 and they will see if they places available for forthcoming races.

Snowflake Series Races 2019

The Snowflake Series is a winter series of 5 club races, from Sunday 20th January to 3rd March.

Qualifying Events (All Sundays):

20th –     Snowflake Series 1
27th –     Snowflake Series 2

3rd –       Snowflake Series 3
17th –     Snowflake Series 4

3rd –       Snowflake Series 5
10th / 17th / 24th –    Reserve days to hold any postponed Snowflake Series races.

See the sailing instructions for full details.