TCC Muster to Bute 20 & 21 July 2019

The next TCC muster location has been changed from Rothesay to the anchorage in Wreck Bay (by the Burnt Islands) and we will meet there on Saturday 20 July.
We have changed the destination after discussion with some members.  This location is in a beautiful area a little bit further away than Rothesay and will give the opportunity of selecting alternative passages for outgoing (via West Kyle) and return (via East Kyle).
There will be a poster on the board, but since I expect to be away in my boat during the week prior to the muster, I’d appreciate anyone interested also responding directly to me via email.  Boat owners please indicate on the board if you have spare berths available for other members (there is at least one member seeking a berth).  Non-owners seeking a berth please contact boat owners directly.

Gigha Trip

TCC Cruise to Gigha leaving Campbeltown on Sunday 4 August

The intention is to leave Campbeltown on Sunday 4 August at 11:00 am assuming the weather is favourable.

There has been interest expressed both from members intending to take their boats and from members seeking crewing opportunities. Since it is getting close, I request those interested make a commitment. I ask members to contact me directly via email (I get a record then) with the following information:

1. Boat name and crew situation – do you have crew, do you need additional crew, do you have space and prepared to take additional crew?

2. Your plans after reaching Gigha.  When do you intend to return to Troon, when must you be back in Troon?

3. For those seeking crewing opportunities – when you need to be back in Troon. Preference for return via Crinan or the Mull.

Hopefully I will then be in a position to suggest linking those seeking crewing opportunities with boats.   If we can sort this earlier, it may give opportunity for earlier sailing trips so crews are familiar with boats and skippers.


Peter Bunning
Tel: 0777 623 1659

Crinan Canal

We are informed that draft restrictions on the Crinan Canal have now been lifted. 

All boats wishing to transit should contact the Sea Lock of Arrival see attached to book their transit. 

Boats over 2.2 fresh water require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.