Projects and Workparties

Current Projects:

  • Dan Tent work party.

Sunday 3rd June
If you have a couple of hours spare at 2.00 o’clock could you please help in the moving and repositioning of the dan tent from Solas to Traigh Mhor.
At least 12 people are required but more would be preferable for this procedure to be carried out safely.
Your help would be much appreciated I hope we can count on your support.

Compound committee.

  • Compound work party required

Could anyone with a some free time this Wednesday 28th February please contribute a few hours of your time.
There are a few tasks that require a number of people to lighten the load. Work will start at 11 o’clock, any help you can give will be much appreciated.

Due to weather forecast, work party has been changed to March 7th with an eleven o’clock start. Potentially works needing done should take around 2 to 3 hours, but whatever time you have will be greatly appreciated.

Compound committee.

• Dinghy Storage Area Fence
A fence is to be erected on the seaward and slip sides of the reclaimed area at the east end of the compound. The fence will become an integral part of the ‘toast rack’ dinghy storage in this area. A work party will be organised by George Hunter who has kindly offered to oversee this project.
Dates: Ongoing
Work Party Dates and Times: to be arranged
Contact: George Hunter

• Slipway
Repair work to the lower slip is planned for this summer. Currently we do not see a need for a work party to assist in this.
Dates: TBC
Contact: Kyle Stewart

Recent Completed Projects:

• Landing Pontoon Pump
A manual pump has been installed on the Landing Pontoon. This allows dinghies to be pumped dry before use.

• Additional access ladders on the NE wall.
We have installed additional ladders on the wall to ease the access to mooring chains. A fixed ladder at the scrubbing grid was also installed.

• Compound Drainage.
Ponding at the rear of the compound has been a problem for a number of years. We rectified this situation by getting a digger in to facilitate laying of a new drain. The water supply to the landing pontoon and island required to be realigned and this was done at the same time while the machine was on site.

• Cradle Mover.
There is often much movement of cradles required when preparing the compound for lift-out and often this takes place mid-week when few members are around to assist. It is a strenuous task and not without risk. To allow cradle movements to be undertaken safely and more easily a ‘Mark 1 Prototype’ cradle mover has been constructed and is currently under evaluation.

• Broadband/Wi-Fi.
We have installed Wi-Fi provision in the clubhouse. See notice in the clubhouse for the Wi-Fi password.

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