Programme Dates Venue

Details of this year’s planned social events:

EventOwner Venue
Wed 24th January 19:30Annual General MeetingTCC CouncilSouth Beach
Hotel, Troon
Friday 2nd February 19:30TCC Burns Night TCC Council
Bowling Club
Saturday 23rd March (TBC) 19:00Opening Night TCC Council TCC Clubhouse
Saturday 6th April (TBC) 19:30Quiz Night TCC CouncilTCC Clubhouse
Sunday 14th April (TBC) 19:30Isle of Man Sailing Experience Presentation
Angel Carmona
TCC Clubhouse
Saturday 18th May 19:00Curry Night TCC CouncilTCC Clubhouse
Saturday 15th June 19:00Horse Racing EveningTCC Council TCC Clubhouse
Saturday 13th July 19:00Mediterranean NightTCC CouncilTCC Clubhouse
Saturday 17th August 19:30Atlantic Ocean Crossing Experience Presentation
El BuickTCC Clubhouse
Saturday 28th September 19:30Pirate Night FunctionTCC Clubhouse
Friday 11th October 19:30
Greenland – Iceland Sailing PresentationWilliam
TCC Clubhouse
Saturday 2nd November 19:30
Halloween Disco TCC Council TCC Clubhouse
Saturday 23rd November 19:30Apiarist PresentationBill
TCC Clubhouse
Saturday 7th December 19:30
Music Night ‘Troon’s Got Talent’TCC CouncilTCC Clubhouse
Sat 21st December 14:00Children’s Christmas
Party And big kids Christmas party in the evening
TCC CouncilTCC Clubhouse