Racing Report for 2017

Racing Convenor Report TCC AGM 30.1.2018

I regret that the 2017 club racing season was probably the worst on record. All of the planned events from the Wednesday Wackies to the offshore series by way of the muster passage races were adversely affected by bad and sometimes foul weather.

Wacky Races

Only 10 Wacky Races were run with a total of 11 club boats participating. I have devised a league table to take account of these unusual circumstances with a view to declaring an overall season winner rather than make an award on a monthly basis. I would like to discuss my planned format with the members interested in racing before announcing the winner and don’t propose to do that tonight.

Thistle Trophy

The Thistle trophy was sailed with only 2 finishers. Argento was first and Storm second.

Tarbert Trophy

The Tarbert Trophy was no more successful. Again only 2 finished with Argento in first place and Petra in second.

The other muster related races were not raced because of adverse weather conditions.

Racing Programme for 2018

I have rather reluctantly agreed to continue as racing convenor for next year and hope to be assisted by an off committee racing sub-committee comprising Ken Andrew, Stuart Powrie, Ian Douglas, Jim Short, David Lacey, Charlie Shaw, Jonathan Dickie and Andy McRoberts.  Kyle rounded up these members who are interested in racing and if you are missing from this list and would like to participate please let me know. The idea is that I will continue on committee to be the liaison with the racers who will meet up from time to time to plan events and to discuss how we can make the racing more accessible and fun. We will have a preliminary meeting at a time to suit most to sort out last year’s results and to plan next year. The programme will be in the members’ booklet as usual.

I’m a recent convert to racing and was previously put off believing my boat to be hopelessly uncompetitive. I don’t jockey for position and if it is busy rounding a mark I stand off in a gentlemanly and un-racery way. Even so we’ve been regularly placed and have always enjoyed it. You don’t need to risk life limb, boat or insurance policy to take part and I would encourage all members to give it a try and to join in the fun.

David Hutton
Racing Convenor

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