Newsletter February 2018



Dear Members

With the AGM behind us now, it is time to call for the subscriptions which were increased by a majority vote at the AGM. These are as follows and members are reminded that with the new regime, there will be no leeway if they are not paid in the required time – i.e. by 20 February 2018, unless extenuating circumstances exist, which must be advised as soon as possible, a late payment fee of £5 will be imposed.

Thank you to those who have already paid.

  • Full Member subscription £75
  • Berthing Rights Fee £80
    (payable by every berth holder annually)
  • Associate Member subscription £30

These can be paid directly into the club’s bank account details as follows:

  • Sort Code 82 68 21
  • Account No 30531227

Please ensure you indicate a name when paying through the Bank.

Otherwise these should be mailed to Troon Cruising Club, 47 Harbour Road, Troon KA10 6DH, or if you are in the clubhouse, popped through the letterbox on the committee room door.

If you do not contribute directly to the RNLI you might consider adding even £1 to your payment which will be forwarded in bulk to the Troon Branch in due course. Thank you.

The new Council for 2018 was elected at the AGM and is as follows:

  • Commodore – John Woods
  • Vice Commodore – Carolyn Voisey
  • Rear Commodore – Andy McRoberts
  • Hon. Racing Secretary – David Hutton
  • Immediate Past Commodore – Bill Stewart
  • Honorary Secretary/Treasurer (meantime) Babs Henderson

Council – all to retire 2021 (or if/until they choose to retire earlier)

  • Ewan Black
  • George Whiteside
  • Kyle Stewart
  • John Haston
  • Jamie Allen
  • Jim Palmer
  • John McLatchie
  • Peter Barker

Peter was an Auditor for the 2017 accounts, together with Oswald McClure, but as Peter is now on the Council, we were delighted to accept Henk Pellenkoft’s offer to take his place for 2018. Oswald agreed to continue.

Thanks too, to Val Hughes who has been taken on as Minute Taker, and also Jacqui Cunningham (Babs’ daughter) who has been easing the load for Babs in the accounting side of things.

The Mooring Rate for 2018 (wall/trot moorings only) is £647 – an increase of 2% and it is again reiterated that this figure is determined by the Marina, not the club, and all the funds when collected are sent directly to the company. This fee is not due until 31 March so put the date in your diary so that you’re not late for the payment. Island Pontoon berth holders will be notified in due course of their individual rates once the moorings committee know exactly who is continuing to take up berths, or new boats coming on, as these rates are calculated on size of boat.

It is with pleasure we would advise you that the winner of the John McFarlane Trophy this year is Carolyn Voisey, who everyone will agree is putting her heart and soul into any task she is given in the club, and a willing helper to everyone at all times. Congratulations Carolyn!

Furthermore, proposals by John Woods (seconded by Kyle Stewart) and Babs Henderson (seconded by Bill Stewart) that Honorary Memberships be conferred on George Hunter and John Hall were agreed. Both worthy recipients, having worked hard and long for the club over many years. Your dedication is very much appreciated.

A last note meantime, keys for the new adapted locks around the club (all of them) are now available for purchase at £2. Members will be notified when these are operational, but meantime if you do not have a new key, please contact either Kyle (07747895757) or Babs (07828586384)

For the Council for 2018
Babs Henderson

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