Newsletter May 2020



Hello everyone, and we hope you are enduring the lock-down positively and using the time constructively to do all those jobs at home you’ve been putting off for years. At least, when things ease you’ll be able to go sailing with a clear conscience in the knowledge that everything back at home is ship shape!

In view of the circumstances outlined below please accept what is a shorter than usual, but hopefully relevant and informative, newsletter. Hopefully announcements from Government over the next few weeks will allow us in Scotland to sail again, as has been permitted in England of late.

A Word from the Commodore

Welcome to TCC’s first Newsletter of 2020. What an extraordinary year this is turning out to be? Following the AGM in January, a new Council was formed. However, on account of the social distancing guidelines put in place by the Government in March to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, this new committee has only met as a group once in the flesh, in late February.

Club business continues to be addressed and processed but in a new way. Committee meetings are currently being conducted remotely. We have used Skype and more recently, Zoom, to achieve this safe way of “coming together” for joint discussion.

Sadly, both Jamie Allen and Val Hughes have retired from their posts as Club Treasurer and Minute Secretary respectively. They have both worked hard over the past few years and I’m sure you would like to join me in acknowledging their contributions to the Club, thanking them for their service and wishing them all the very best for the future.

In March, a few weeks before our scheduled lift-in date, the Government announced a nationwide lock-down. This changed everything. The compound, which had been buzzing with members getting to grips with preparations for the lift-in event, suddenly emptied as we were all advised to stay at home and save lives. Preparatory work on boats was suspended and all the plans and arrangements for the lift-in were put on hold.

Exactly how long this situation will go on for, and how and when we start to return to our more usual seasonal activities is unclear at the moment. It’s been a difficult time for everyone for many different reasons. Let’s hope that the glorious weather that we have enjoyed over the past few weeks continues well into the summer and that lock-down days soon turn into sail-away days!

Be assured we will reopen our Club once it is legal and just as soon as we are reassured that it is safe for us to do so. When the time comes, and the Club opens its gates again, we ask for your support by behaving in a thoughtful manner with respect to social distancing, hand washing etc. and to follow any new guidelines that may have been introduced around the Club, the Clubhouse or on the pontoons. It’s for everyone’s safety.

Entry to Club Premises and Ongoing Security

Both compound and Moorings committees are jointly carrying out regular checks on both compound and all moorings.

If any issues are found that cannot be addressed members will be informed to effect a suitable remedy.

Could we please ask members NOT to attend TCC premises unnecessarily as you would potentially be putting at risk the small group of volunteers who have been appointed to carry out essential safety checks on behalf of all members.

If members have any particular requests e.g. bilges need pumped etc, then please contact Moorings/Compound Convenor to discuss.

We hope we can rely on your cooperation during this period.

Kind regards ……..Compound/Moorings Committees

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