Lift In Cancellation

Dear Members,

We trust you are all safe and well, and we would like to thank our members for their patience and diligence in support of our safety measures which have allowed us to reopen and return a semblance of normality to our club.

After considering numerous scenarios, and taking account of feedback from our recent consultation email to our members with boats on the hard standing,

Troon Cruising Club’s Council has unanimously come to the decision not to conduct a lift- in this year.

We fully understand that this must be frustrating for many – including Council members – hoping to get afloat and enjoy the outstanding weather we have had recently.

Membership safety is of paramount importance and TCC Council cannot condone any actions that might jeopardise this.

We hope that the clarity provided by this decision should give members confidence to now undertake any more major projects they may have been contemplating, secure in the knowledge that a lift-in will not suddenly be sprung upon them.

We also fully appreciate that this has a knock-on effect on members currently afloat that were hoping to lift out in the autumn.

Considering that, it is proposed that it may be feasible to do a lift-in and lift-out in the same weekend in early spring of 2021, allowing the boats lifted out to remain on the hard standing for, say, 6 weeks before lifting back in.

The rationale behind this is that, if we do lift-out late March / early April you would have 6 weeks of potentially good weather, which is more productive than 6 months of bad weather and lifting back in early to mid-May still leaves most of the sailing season available.

Although it is quite early to decide if this would work for our membership, I would be very pleased to have your feedback on this matter.

If it had been your intention to lift-out this Autumn, what are your thoughts, as we require a minimum number of boats to make a lift- out viable?

Please reply in the first instance to Kyle Stewart so we might gauge your support for the above.

Kind regards Kyle Stewart,
Compound convenor/ Compound committee
on behalf of Troon Cruising Club’s council.

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