Newsletter September 2017

Troon Cruising Club
Newsletter September 2017

Was Shakespeare a Scotsman and did he sail the Clyde?  “Hey ho the wind and the rain, for the rain it raineth every day”

No doubt there are some of us lucky enough to have been in the right place at the right time, but no-one I have met is ecstatic over the weather, the cloud base up the Kyles seems to average MLWS most of the time.  There are tantalising hints of an Indian Summer which seem to be withdrawn by the Met Office as soon as the passage plans are finalised.  As retirees we should be able to grab every opportunity at the drop of a hat, but retiral unfortunately doesn’t come unaccompanied, and we have to hope that those members who have seen too much of the inside of a hospital ward will be rewarded with a better year in 2018 – Not that I’m writing off this year yet, but no money is changing hands.

We have attached the latest edition of the club rules. These have to be updated periodically to reflect the way we work or external influences. Please have a refresh scan and be aware of the new ‘rubbish disposal’ regime.  Your various convenors comments follow, and will give you an idea of how we are striving to maintain/improve the club and its facilities, HOWEVER, we would like to hear from YOU if there’s something we could be doing better, or an idea you have for something completely different.

We have several ‘positives’ regarding TCC:  Affordable berthing, comprehensive maintenance facilities, tools, expertise- helpful people who know their stuff.  All-weather accessible harbour, World-class sailing grounds, and – a membership, YOU.

These are “things” – ingredients.    We would like to maximise the way we use them in order to preserve the identity of the club and keep it viable at a time when membership is, dare I say – ageing.

Your cruising and racing convenors need your support. They spend personal time working on your behalf to entice you out onto the water.  Contact them and chat about what you’d like to see the club do, and what your (up and coming generation) family feel they need to make them want to join in.

If you’re not sure who to speak to, shove a suggestion through the letterbox in the committee room door.

We tried to “Push the Boat Out” this year – An RYA initiative to introduce sailing to the public, with limited success. Next year the activity slot has been increased to a month so there is less chance of a clash between local clubs as we did with Prestwick Sailing Club this year.  There is a huge amount of data incoming from the RYA that needs to be digested, so next year we will appoint a dedicated ‘boat-pusher-outer’ to manage the process if we agree to go ahead with it.  Meanwhile, we’re going back aboard to wait for a sailing opportunity, so I’ll hand you over to your convenors’ comments.

Fair winds,   Bill Stewart Commodore.

Lift out

The lift out will take place on Saturday 21st October 2017.

Members please put your name on the list if you are planning to take your boat out of the water for this winter. This list (whiteboard) is available in the clubhouse from Saturday 2nd September at 10.00 am. The list will be closed after 2 weeks.

Don Lindsay and Kyle Stewart  Mooring Convenor


Thanks to the new co-opted cat we had no more mice in the clubhouse it works diligently outside and has been seen taking his prizes home !!!!

Also thanks to Ewan Black for acquiring the new blue chairs.

Andy McRoberts      Clubhouse convenor

New members

We like to welcome the following new members who joined the club in 2017.

Full members: Iain Brown, boat name ‘’Gemini’’: Christopher McErlane, boat name ‘’Das Boot ‘’; John and Mary McLatchie, boat name ‘’Phoebe’’ Craig and Theresa Campbell, boat name ‘’Aquarelle’’

Associated Members: Angela Belloch; Christopher Lawler; Reeta Lummi; Michael Vitrsaxakis; Douglas Lennox; Edward McCulloch; Raymond Kuczynski; David Kelly; Andrew Hunter

Please promote the club with your friends or relatives who are interested in sailing. We like to attract new members and the club has still some vacant moorings available !!!

George Whiteside.  New members convenor.

Ex member Greg Hillier

Greg Hillier disputes his status as an ex-member and sought legal advice against the club. Unfortunately he still visits the club’s premises and has access – keys to TCC facilities. We are advised not to correspond to him directly but via his legal representative.  The club has also sought legal advice in order to find a solution to this situation. In the meantime we need to be patient and we hope that we are able to find a solution in the interest of the club.

Patay pump on the landing pontoon.

The patay pump was overhauled by Bill Stewart and is now in working order again.     Thanks to Bill and also to the (as yet unknown) engineers who lengthened the carousel boat hook and created the hose storage.

Navigation course.

One of our members has very kindly agreed to run a short navigation course covering the basics. The course will start on the 18th October and will run for six consecutive Wednesday nights. The course is open to all members but spaces are limited.

Please contact Kyle Stewart, Moorings Convenor (mobile 07747895757)


Information about the racing activities and program is available on the club website:

David Hutton


The TARBERT Muster took place on the weekend of 2nd/3rd September

The Closing Muster to LARGS

The end of season club muster to Largs Yacht Haven will take place on the weekend of the 9th/10th September.

The discounted berthing price for TCC members at Largs has been agreed at £22 per boat per night.

The Bosun’s Table at Largs Yacht Haven has been booked for club members & their guests to enjoy a meal together on the Saturday night.

The early evening menu is priced at £12.95 for 2 courses or £14.45 for 3 courses. Meal options have been posted on the notice board but you do not need to make your mind up about which menu options you prefer until the night itself.

There is a list of names/boats for this muster & the evening meal up on the Social Notice board in the clubhouse. Please let us know if you intend to come along.


Soon after the closing muster has taken place, we will be looking for your Log Books and Sailing Stories so we can award this year’s Cruising Trophies. Be encouraged to write a few lines about your experiences (high points, low points, close shaves, lessons learned etc.) on the water this year. We would be especially delighted to hear from our younger members.

And finally ……… find out more about the

Troon Water Sports Centre

by attending a presentation which is being given in the TCC clubhouse on Wednesday 13th September. Muster in the clubhouse at 7pm for a 7:30 start.

Many thanks from your Cruising Convenor, Ewan Black, assisted by Carolyn Voisey.

Further information about the cruising activities and program is available on the club website:

Push the boat out

On the 20th of May this year TCC organised  an event called “Push the boat out” initiated and promoted  by the Royal Yacht association  ‘’RYA’’.

The RYA likes to promote sailing for families, children and young professionals. Sailing is such an accessible sport and many people are not aware of the opportunities available close to them or how affordable the sport can be. Local people were invited to experience what it is like to be on a boat or yacht.

A big thank you to all the members who helped with the organisation and made this event a success.


Looking back over the year so far, we hosted a Beer and Burger Night, a Curry Night and a Mediterranean Night, all of which were quite well attended.

We would like to invite to you another Beer and Burger Night on Friday 20 October, and would especially welcome any recent new members, to give them an opportunity to meet up with not only the Council Members but other members who frequent the club.

We have a DVD of the Round Britain Challenge 2016 and would hope to raise some funds to go to defray the costs of crew who took part in this year’s challenge which commenced on 5 August for a period of 8 weeks.   The crew will comprise of some veterans, serving or retired and we feel this is a well-deserved event for the club to support.

Thereafter we will be happy for you to enjoy some burgers and beer and get to know some of the other club members.  Can you please drop us an email or letter or even a note into the clubhouse if you think you can come along so that we know what numbers roughly to cater for.

Dry Weekend – Loch Fyne Hotel and Spa, Inveraray – Although not as many have agreed to come along to the dry weekend at Loch Fyne Hotel and Spa in November, the rooms we have reserved are now all taken.  Perhaps next year there will be more interest.

Burns Supper – We have now set a date for the Burns Supper 2018 – which will be held in Dundonald Bowling Club on Friday 9 February, and are currently inviting speakers, singers and reciters to volunteer to fill the programme.  If you are interested please give us a ring.  The cost of the tickets will be £22.50 and names can be taken for tickets any time from now on.

Cruising in the Aegean – October 2018 – We would like to do some preparatory work on craft available for charter and prices at the London Boat Show in January for our cruise to the Aegean in October 2018.  To help us, it would be great if you could register your interest in possibly joining us by either emailing or phoning the undernoted numbers.  There is no obligation at this stage, but obviously the more who take part the cheaper the holiday will cost.

We have arranged several similar charter cruises over the past few years and depending on getting flights at a good price (usually early in the year) the basic holiday can cost as little as £400 per head. This does not include transfer (around £20 pp by taxi from airport to marina) end cleaning about £80 divided by the number travelling, refuelling at end and personal  spending for basics on the boat (bread, milk, water, beer and the like) and meals out in the evening.

This will also coincide with Babs’s 50th Anniversary with the Club. If you are at all interested in enjoying a week cruising around some of the beautiful islands in the Aegean, please get in touch.

Thanks – A word of thanks to Club Member, Peter Bunning who very kindly donated an OKI Laser Printer, which he has set up and it looks as if we may be able to dispense with the expense of our current photocopier.  This is very much appreciated Peter!   By the way, Peter says he would welcome crew volunteers and if this appeals, please contact myself or Babs and we will pass your enquiry onto Peter.

Also please see separate note about Navigation Classes commencing on 18 October (Wednesdays weekly) with Bob Johnston.

Lift-out Galley

As always we would appreciate any help you can afford us in the galley on lift-out day. There is a schedule on the notice board, and if you can give us two hours of your time that would be very much appreciated.

John Woods Social convenor and Babs Henderson Secretary
Phones – Landline 01292 311908, John Mobile 07955853558 = Babs Mobile 07828586384


The club’s website   provides a lot of useful information about all the various activities of the club. The website also provide a link to the Met office and other weather forecast websites. We also have a members ‘’eBay’’ section to sell sailing equipment etc.

John Haston


TROON  CRUISING  CLUB                                                         


(Revision as approved by AGM 2017)




  1. Subscriptions and fees……………………………………………………… page 2
  2. Club berthing……………………………………………………..………….. page 2
  3. Lift out and in…………………………………………………………………. page 5
  4. Club compound……………………………………………………………… page 5
  5. Rubbish Disposal………………………………………………………….… page 6
  6. Security…………………………………………………………………….…. page 6
  7. Landing Pontoon, Dinghies and drying out grid………………………….. page 6
  8. Dinghies tenders and members property stored within the compound…………………………………………………………………….. page 7
  9. Liabilities of members……………………………………………………….. page 7
  10. Troon Yacht Haven liaison…………………………………………….……. page 8
  11. Summary of key dates…………………………………………..….…..…… page 8


CLUB RULES Reviewed July 2017


  • Member £66.00 or as approved at AGM
  • Associate Member £20.00 or as approved at AGM
  • Club Boat Charges
  • Berthing Rights Fee (Per Boat) £66.00 or as approved at AGM
  • Mooring Fees (Troon Yacht Haven charges)
  • Wall moorings and trots – set when wall rate is confirmed by TYH
  • Island Pontoon – calculated when island pontoon rate is confirmed by TYH

A. General

Admission to Club berths and the berth waiting list shall be restricted to full members of the Club on the basis of one boat and one berth per member. When a boat is being changed, the outgoing boat may be allowed to remain on the hard for a limited period by arrangement with the appropriate convenor.

It is the responsibility of the member to consult with the Moorings Convenor before taking up any club berth or mooring and to ensure that it is suitable for his boat

Berths shall be allocated annually by the Moorings Convenor in accordance with the Club’s need to use berths efficiently.

Berth holders do not accrue rights to particular berths and may be required to move on reasonable notice at any time.

No arrangements may be made regarding occupancy of a berth in the absence of the allocated boat except via the Moorings Convenor and no sub-let of a berth or mooring shall be allowed

Where a boat is jointly owned, the senior partner must be nominated and will be considered responsible for meeting all payments and conditions of berthing, the junior partner must be a full member of the club.

When a joint boat ownership is terminated the Club berth shall be retained by the nominated senior partner. If the senior partner does not continue as a berth holder then the berth shall pass to the junior partner provided he has been two years in partnership

Owners allocated drying out berths may choose to be considered as remaining of the waiting list for non-tidal berthing.

Berth holders may use their boats for leisure or recreational purposes only. Use for any commercial purpose (e.g. hire, lease or charter) will be a violation of the terms of the Club’s lease and may result in forfeiture of the berth and the right to Club membership.

Club berths must not be used by visiting yachts at any time.

B. Allocation of club Berths to Members berthed in Troon Yacht Haven

The following is agreed between the Club and Troon Yacht Haven

Any new member with a boat currently berthed in TYH must be three years on the waiting list before being allocated a Club berth.

New boat owner members who move their boats to Troon and cannot be immediately allocated a club berth, shall berth with TYH until a Club berth becomes available.

C. Emergency Use of Troon Yacht Haven G/H Pontoons

The hammerhead berth at G/H may be used by Club members in emergency such as engine failure, dangerous weather conditions or insufficient depth of water at the allocated berth. Use for such as crew transfers, loading stores, maintenance work and dinghy mooring is excluded from this concession.

TYH must be advised if this facility is used. Marina charges will apply if the stay is unduly prolonged.

D. Wall moorings, trots and pontoons

Wall and trot berth holders are required to provide and maintain ground tackle and/or connection to risers to the standard set out in Figure 1.

Where two boats are berth together to a single riser, adequate fenders, breast ropes and springs shall be provided and maintained by the boat owners as in Figure 1.

Pontoon berth holders shall provide and maintain breast ropes, springs and fenders including fenders on the off side.

Members are required to maintain their craft in good and safe condition while on Club berths. Vessels abandoned or in dangerous condition may be moved or disposed of in accordance with the Liabilities of members rules below

All children under 14 years of age are required to wear a life jacket while in the club compound and on pontoons and gangways. Members bringing children onto Club premises shall be responsible for observance of this rule.

Figure 1. Schematic Wall Mooring Arrangement

Note 1:   Reinforced plastic hose should be used to prevent wear at the spliced end of the stern ropes where it is shackled to the riser chain. Alternatively, a nylon thimble could be used. Discuss with Moorings convenor for advice. Two stern ropes with one slack as a back-up are recommended.

Note 2:  Each boat is responsible for the supply of one chain and fitting to the designated anchor points on the wall. The chain should be either 8mm or 10mm and about 18 metres in length. Heavier chain results in boats being pulled towards the wall. Consult with ‘partner’ boat-owner on same buoy. Shackles to be secured (‘moused’) with plastic cable ties.

Note 3:  Boat pairs to be secured together with springs and bow and stern ropes to reduce relative movement 

Note 1:  Stern rope is best fixed at high tide by lifting riser chain between the two boats and shackling as far down as is consistent with reducing forward movement at low tide but not so low down as to sink boat when abnormal high tides occur. Bow mooring chains and stern ropes to be inspected annually and changed if necessary. This applies particularly to under-water ( tidal) section of bow mooring and fixings

Note 2:  Floating line with marker buoys to link stern and bow mooring ropes. System must be installed to minimise risk of propeller fouling.

Note 3:  Both sides of boat must be adequately protected with fenders.

Note 4:  Must liaise with member allocated same Stern Mooring Buoy re fenders and bow mooring arrangement.


The Club provides members with craneage and equipment for lift-out and into the water of their own boats which operation shall be the member’s responsibility. Members and other persons involved are required to comply with the Club’s Lift-in/out Procedure during lifting and placing of boats. Non-members are not permitted to assist in lift-out/lift-in activities for insurance reasons

Boat owners are required to assist with lifting and movement of other members’ boats in the course of the day’s operation.

Owners are required to provide cradles or trailers in fit condition to receive and support their boats. Where a cradle or trailer is found unfit or dangerous on lift-out, the boat shall be returned to the water for later movement at the owner’s arrangement and expense and the lift fee shall be charged.

Boat positions shall be allocated by the Compound Convenor and owners are required to comply with his directions.

All boats for lifting and storage by the Club will require to have masts lowered and adequately secured.


Car parking must allow access to other vehicles, the dinghy cages, slipway, the workshop and the clubhouse. Long term parking should be towards the east end of the compound.  The space immediately at the top of the ramp should be used for loading/unloading and then vacated to allow others the facility.

Where boat movements or other works require access, members must follow the Compound Convenor’s directions and/or notices indicating areas to be used or kept clear.

Any boat owner, who having previously requested and allocated a club organized crane lift, fails to take up the lift, or fails to give a minimum of 14 days notice prior to the intended date of the lift, that the crane lift is no longer required, will be subject to a charge equating to his or her share of the cost of the lift – i.e. the cost of the lift divided equally between the number of boats on the lift list 14 days prior to the intended date of the lift.

Members’ boats shall be stored and provided with electricity and water services for up to 26 weeks on terms agreed and notified annually. Boats stored beyond this period shall be charged at a rate of £12 per week.

Portable containers for gas, petrol pyrotechnics and other flammable substances shall be removed from stored boats and the club premises within one week after lift out and may be returned immediately prior to lift in.

All boat owners are required to ensure that compound electrical and water supplied to their boats or equipment are turned off and disconnected before leaving.

Boat owners arranging for contractors to carry out work on their vessels especially shot blasting, etc, must inform the compound convenor and advise him of arrangements made with the contractor for the avoidance of damage to other boats and any environmental issues.

Boats lifted out by the Club will be returned to the water on the arranged lift-in date unless special provision in writing has been made with the Council for longer term storage or removal.

Boats lifted out by TYH or boats lifted out by other means and blocking access to other boats must be removed two weeks before the lift-in date.

Cradles and trailers should be removed when not in use but may be stored in the compound at the discretion of the compound convenor. Cradles, etc. must be dismantled and marked with the boat and/or owners’ names.

All applications for use of the Dancover (tent) are to be made in writing to the Council, copied to the Compound Convenor or designated assistant, and should detail dates required and the work to be carried out. Reference should be made to the document ‘Dantent – Document of Understanding’ prior to application for its use being made.

  • Erecting and dismantling of the Dantent is a member’s self-help activity.
  • Slipway Rules. No launching at slipway, except dinghies.
  • Hoist/Tractor. Only to be operated under the authority of a Council Member.
  1. RUBBISH DISPOSAL (In accordance with the Club’s Waste Management Policy)

Large and dangerous items such as batteries and scrap metal must be disposed of under a licence held by George Hunter. They must not be placed in club bins which are for domestic waste only.

Members are asked to take rubbish home rather than use the club bins

Members are reminded that it is illegal to dispose of waste overboard either in the open sea or within the harbour area


(a) Clubhouse

The Yale type lock must be kept on at all times during the day, even if members are in the clubhouse. Members must also ensure that the bolt and padlock are locked and secure when they are last to leave the compound

(b) Main Gate

During the summer, the gate should be closed and held on the slip bolts after 6 pm except on race nights and the padlock should be locked on leaving, unless it is certain members remain on the premises. The gates must be locked after 20.00 hrs in summer and 17.00 hrs in winter (while boats are on the hard-standing)

(c) Ladders

Boat owners must ensure that all ladders are taken down and security locked on leaving the compound.


Short term berthing of members boats (i.e. up to four hours) on the landing pontoon shall be in the following order of priority:

(a)          Awaiting tidal access to drying out mooring or island pontoon berth. Loading or unloading

(b)          Maintenance and repairs

(c)          Overnight berthing between the hours of 7pm and 9 am shall be allowed for boats awaiting early departure. Priority should be given to wall mooring boats.

Further extension of time must be arranged with the Moorings Convenor and longer term berthing shall be on the East side of the pontoon only.  Boats must not be left unattended at any time except when awaiting tidal access to berths.

Members are responsible to use adequate fendering on the landing pontoon to avoid damage with dinghies on the carousel

Berthing for hard dinghies behind the pontoon or on the carousel and inflatable dinghy storage berths in the cages will be allocated by the Moorings Convenor – One dinghy per boat.

Dinghies may also be hauled up and stowed at the slip, keeping the centre of the slipway clear. All dinghies must display their register number.

Full Members may use the drying out grid on the harbour wall by arrangement with the Compound Convenor and by booking a date on the list on the Club notice board.


Any member’s property stored within the clubhouse garage or compound shall be stored at the member’s sole risk. The club accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to member’s property.

All members’ property stored within the premises must display the boat and/or the owner’s name.

Abandoned and/or unmarked property shall be liable to disposal at the owner’s cost in terms of constitution article 7.2.2 and 7.2.3. Providing always that reasonable steps shall be taken to trace the owner of abandoned articles prior to disposal.

Articles shall be treated as abandoned and liable to disposal at the owners cost if

(a) Unmarked with a boat and/or owners name or

(b) If so marked if the property has not been removed following one month’s notice in writing by the Committee to the owner whether member or former member at his last known address as shown on the club register.


All fees and charges properly levied by the Club on members shall be recoverable by the Club as a debt due by the member notwithstanding resignation or expulsion for any reason. Such fees and charges shall be promptly paid to the club in terms of the constitution. A member shall be in default if sums due by him to the club remain unpaid for three months.

In the event of default the Club shall have a lien over the defaulting member or former member’s property stored on the Club’s premises or moored on a club mooring.

In exercise of the lien the Club shall be entitled to move a defaulting member’s property to any part of the Club’s or Troon Yacht Haven’s premises without liability to the defaulting member or former member for any loss or damage sustained to the property howsoever caused.

After one month’s notice in writing to the defaulting member at the member’s last known address as shown in the Club’s register of members the Club may proceed to sell the member’s property by auction or private bargain. On conclusion of a sale the Club shall remit to the defaulting member the proceeds of sale under deduction of the debts due and the properly incurred sale expenses.

In the event that the defaulting member’s property is unsaleable the club shall dispose of the property at the defaulting member’s expense.

Any shortfall on sale or expenses of disposal shall be payable by the defaulting member to the Club as a debt.

In exercise of its power of sale or disposal the Club shall act reasonably at all times.

In the event that a defaulting member cannot be traced any sums due to him following a sale shall be placed on bank deposit for a period of 5 years following the sale. If the defaulting member makes no claim within the 5 year period the sums on deposit with accrued interest shall become the property of the Club.

New for 2016


Club members are expressly forbidden from having any communication, verbal, electronic or written, with Troon Yacht Haven management or staff regarding any issue relating to any of the facilities or services provided by TYH to Troon Cruising Club other than in an emergency situation and a member of the Council must be informed as soon as possible.

All issues regarding TYH must be directed in writing to the Council who will take the matter up on member’s behalf through the appointed Marina Liaison Officers.

Under no circumstances shall an employee of TYH be personally remonstrated with or reprimanded by a member.

This will not apply to the purchase of any private service or contract entered into by the member with TYH or its franchise holders. In such a situation the member’s arrangements with TYH will be deemed wholly independent of TCC

New for 2017   –

Delete transfer of berth to new owner clause,   Additions or alterations are in Italics. handler.


December 31 : End of Financial Year

January 10 : Latest date for berthing requests

Latest date for AGM : First Wednesday in February

Latest date for notice of AGM : 28 days prior to AGM

Latest date for notice of motion to AGM : 14 days prior to AGM

Latest date for AGM agenda to membership :  7 days prior to AGM

Latest date for payment of membership subscriptions : 21 days after AGM

Latest date for payment of berthing fees : March 31

Latest date for appeal against expulsion : 7 days after



Amended June 2017 by council.

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