Newsletter – June 2018


Commodore’s Report

Firstly, let me apologise for the late production of the membership card, which is now enclosed.  Thanks to Doug Lamont for pulling this together and getting it printed.  Here we are in June now and enjoying a lovely spell of weather!

After a successful lift-in, a lot of you have been taking advantage of the good weather, whether it be pottering around in Clyde going to the usual haunts, or, going further afield.  (I do hope someone goes further than David Cameron (Moody Blue) this year as the Red Wing Trophy appears to be a permanent feature in the Cameron household).  But all credit to David, who has only recently taken up sailing after retiring.

It is good to see the club has some new full members and boat owners, as well as a recent influx of associate members.  Over recent years there has been a decline in both categories of membership, and it is good to see that this trend is now in reverse.

Personally, I find that the Club offers affordable boating whether it be sailing, racing or motor cruising, and now that Yacht Havens have renewed all the moorings, and furnished us with a more substantial landing pontoon, and are in the process of refurbishing the island pontoon, we can only look forward to enjoying these recent improvements.

On the subject of improvements, you may have noticed the new security lights, and the new locks are in process of being completed for added security.  Over the summer there will be further improvements in the compound area with upgrade to the slipway, the seating area being landscaped, and a purpose-built barbeque/pizza oven is in the process of being constructed for the benefit of the members.

These improvements require work parties to help bring these endeavours to fruition; therefore it is important that members of the Club do their best to assist.  It is all too easy to sit back and moan and complain about things in the Club, but any club is only as good as its members.  So I would ask each member to consider if there is anything they could do to help with the ongoing works and not leave it up to the usual stalwarts of the Club, who work diligently for the benefit of all members.

I feel there is a better atmosphere in the Club now, with the social functions being well attended – so far the talk by Bob Johnston on the weather, followed by burgers by Carolyn and myself, after which a most successful Mediterranean Night with a lot of preparation by Carolyn and Ewan, assisted by Kyle and Moira on the night.  The dishes which the members brought along were delicious, and there weren’t many scraps left for the scavengers in the morning!  Thanks to everyone who contributed to making it a great night!  We will shortly be making a donation from the takings to our nominated charity for this year – Ayrshire Cancer Care.

The next official event will be in July when TCC will host an event to welcome The Cruising Association of Ireland when they stop off at the Troon Yacht Haven on their way round Scotland’s marinas.  I hope that Club members will give this their support – more of this from Carolyn in the Social Section.

Now for the serious part. No doubt as most of you will be aware as of 25 May the new GDPR has come into force, and we are obliged to ask every member if they are agreeable to TCC contacting them for TCC business or social purposes. You will either have had a letter or an email requesting that you do this, or opt out, but if you have not responded so far, please do so now.

On an even more serious note – our relationship with Yacht Havens is once again at a low point, due to the inter-action of some members approaching the marina directly.  This has resulted in Yacht Havens implementing the 30’ rule on the wall moorings, which will impact on new members coming into the Club if their boat is over 30’.

More recently, there was an incident when a club boat was reversing into the fairway, whilst a motor cruiser was approaching to access his mooring within the marina. This resulted in the motor cruiser having to stop and due to conditions was blown on to club boats moored on the wall.  Whilst the damage sustained to one of our club yachts was minor, it could have been a lot worse.  Please take great care and observe the rules of the ‘road’.

We would again ask you to remember that Yacht Havens is our landlord, and as I have previously stated regarding Rule 10, I suggest that every member familiarise themselves with this rule, as infringement of it may jeopardise your future membership with TCC.

Babs and I were recently invited to attend the naming ceremony and service of dedication of the newest addition to the fleet of the RNLI Troon Branch – the ‘Sheena’ on a very pleasant Saturday afternoon.  Let’s hope that none of our sailors require its services.  Once again – take care! That said, I can only wish every member fair winds and an enjoyable season.  Personally, my only sailing this year will be our holiday to Greece, which has now grown to 20 in number with 3 yachts.

John Woods – Commodore


The last event on the TCC Social Calendar was our Mediterranean Evening which was held in the club house on Friday 18th May. Thank you to everyone who came along, and thank you to everyone who contacted me, to say that they’d be unable to come. The clubhouse was packed with members, their friends, delicious Mediterranean food, and there was music and plenty of fun until the early hours. I must mention The Harbour Bar, Jim Caird and Kyle Stewart for helping out with our bar (fridge, ice, back up booze, tireless barman), and the many businesses in Troon that so kindly donated an assortment of raffle prizes. Special thanks also goes to a small army of ladies who helped get the food prepared and out onto the tables with such ease and efficiency.

Our next big social event will be on Sunday 22nd July. TCC will be hosting a BBQ Reception for the arrival of a flotilla from The Cruising Association of Ireland. We are expecting about 70 sailors and are looking forward to making them feel very welcome here in Troon. More details of the event will be posted on the Club’s notice board in due course.

The exact date and venue of our traditional “Dry Weekend” in November is still being finalised. In the meantime, enjoy the summer and be assured that any suggestions that you may have for future social events will be gratefully received.

Carolyn Voisey
Social Convenor


The first muster of the season took place at the end of April to Ardrossan. A total of 8 club boats sailed up to Clyde Marina in light winds. In the evening several more folk joined the party by road and together everyone enjoyed a meal in Cecchinis restaurant. On the Sunday, all the boats sailed/motored back to Troon in light winds having had a most pleasurable shake down muster.

Two weeks later on 12th May, there was another muster to Largs. Blessed with fine weather again, seven club boats sailed up to Largs. On the Saturday night 25 members settled down to a meal in the Bosun’s Table ~ it was very cosy with everyone seated together in the conservatory. On Sunday some boats headed back to Troon while others ventured further on up the Clyde to make the most of the favourable weather.

The next scheduled club muster is to the Isle of Arran on the 16th &17th June. Members have a choice of where to moor for the night. There’s Kingscross, at the southern end of Lamlash Bay where anchoring is free, Lamlash itself where mooring costs £10 per night, and there’s Brodick Bay, close to the ferry terminal, where moorings are free. If the weather is suitable we’re hoping to have a beach BBQ on the Saturday night. Come and cruise or race in company with fellow club members if you possibly can.

Ewan Black
Cruising Convenor


Remedial works are still ongoing on the pontoon, in the interim if we could ask you to exercise extra caution due to the potential trip hazards. Please do not re-attached any items such as dock fenders or the like until TYH have completely finished. Notice will be given when work is completed.

It has been decided that there is potential benefit in supplying another club hard dinghy. This will be placed on the carousel and clearly marked. The same rules apply, i.e. half an hour only. If you intend to be longer please launch your own dinghy.

Due to a recent incident could members please be extra vigilant when manoeuvring and operating their boats within the confines of the marina especially during the busier summer months.

We trust we can rely on your support and cooperation in these matters.

Many thanks
Moorings Committee.


Now that lift- in is past there are numerous projects within the compound which will be ongoing over the summer period. Work party requests will be posted when and where required.

There is a worrying trend towards not securing the compound in the evenings. The compound has been found with the main gate open at 12.00 in the morning just recently. The responsibly falls on all of us to make sure the garage, clubhouse and gates are secured as per the rules and constitution.

If this carelessness continues then the CCTV system will be used  to identify the culprits and the committee will deal with the offenders as appropriate.

Many thanks
Compound Committee.

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