Newsletter – February 2018


Flag Officers and others:

  • Commodore – John Woods – Marina Liaison
  • Vice Commodore – Carolyn Voisey – Social
  • Rear Commodore – Andy McRoberts – Clubhouse
  • Racing Secretary – David Hutton
  • Immediate Past Commodore – Bill Stewart
  • Honorary Secretary/Treasurer (meantime) Babs Henderson
  • Minute Taker – Val Hughes

Council – all to retire 2021 (or earlier if they so choose):

  • Ewan Black – Cruising
  • George Whiteside – New Members
  • Kyle Stewart – Moorings/Compound/Marina Liaison
  • John Haston – Website
  • Jamie Allen – Finance
  • Jim Palmer – Advisory Support
  • John McLatchie – Advisory Support
  • Peter Barker – Newsletter

Special Projects – Off Council – Don Lindsay

Auditors – Oswald McClure and Henk Pellenkoft

Membership cards will be issued  around mid-April.  Hopefully to be collected at the lift-in. Otherwise will be mailed out.


Not long now until the start of another sailing season. In the coming weeks, I am sure the compound will be filled with the noise of scraping and sanding, together with the smell of anti-fouling wafting through the air, as many of you will frantically be putting the finishing touches to your boats for lift-in.

On the subject of lift-in, please be advised that lifts in or out are club activities, which require all members, including associate members, to lend a hand to their fellow members, even if your boat is berthed outwith the club, and also to assist in various work parties throughout the year, and not leave it to the usual few stalwarts of the club who continually strive to improve the facilities, and we are all too aware who they are.  Therefore, I would ask each member to consider if there is anything they could offer in a positive way to further enhance the club, and benefit fellow members.

In recent years, Troon Cruising Club has gone through some turbulent times but hopefully this is in the past and we can now move forward.  Let us not forget that while some members have left, we have had an influx of new members and I am sure in the spirit of TCC we will offer help and assistance to them and make them feel welcome.

Over the last 3 years, I have enjoyed my tenure as Social Convenor, organising various functions, and I thank the members who supported these events in the past, and hope that you will continue to support Carolyn, as she takes over the roll as Social Convenor for the next three years. Please remember that the social side of the club is very important as it helps bring in some much needed funds and is a way for members to get to know one another.

At the AGM, I spoke about the need for members to observe the dates for returning their berthing agreement form, due by 11th January in each  year, and also when other monies are due – e.g. membership fees (3 weeks after AGM) and mooring fees (31st March in each year).  As you know Babs is retiring towards the end of this year, after having served the club faithfully for 50 years. In future fees must be paid on or before the due date, or otherwise a penalty will be incurred. Believe it or not there were around 50 members this year that had to be reminded by the due date, despite a reminder being sent a week previously.  While some may find this unimportant, rest assured that for the smooth operation of the club it is essential that the fees are paid timeously.  An estimated Budget needs to be put in place, so therefore we need to have some indication of the fees we can expect to be able to work to this budget.

Whilst on the subjects of rules, once again I have to draw your attention to Rule No 10


Club members are expressly forbidden from having any communication, verbal, electronic or written, with Troon Yacht Haven management or staff regarding any issue relating to any of the facilities or services provided by TYH to Troon Cruising Club other than in an emergency situation and a member of the Council must be informed as soon as possible.

All issues regarding TYH must be directed in writing to the Council who will take the matter up on member’s behalf through the appointed Marina Liaison Officers.

Under no circumstances shall an employee of TYH be personally remonstrated with or reprimanded by a member.

This will not apply to the purchase of any private service or contract entered into by the member with TYH or its franchise holders. In such a situation the member’s arrangements with TYH will be deemed wholly independent of TCC.

I don’t know how many times the membership of this club has to be told – but under no circumstances should they approach Troon Yacht Haven regarding TCC business. Time and time again some of the membership think this need not apply to them.  It has put a strain on our relationship with our landlords, who in recent  years have been more than generous towards the club, by renewing the ground chain, risers and buoys, furnishing us with a new landing pontoon and refurbishment work on the island pontoon.  Also work is due to start on the trot moorings. Therefore any member breaching Rule 10 will be dealt with in accordance with the Constitution.

Now that my rant is over, I am sure that we will all be looking forward to getting our on the water, and sailing the beautiful west coast of Scotland in warm sunshine, calm seas, and fair winds (as if that’s going to happen – more like stuck in Rothesay for two weeks – but we can always hope) !! Personally I will be working on Free Spirit with the intention of getting her back in the water later this year. The only sailing this year for me will be once again in Greece, which initially started out as 6 going, but is now 20, and 3 Bavaria 50s have been chartered for the trip.

I hope that old and new members will actively participate in the Racing Programme this year, as like the Social side it also needs support because let’s face it – if we do not support the various sections of the Club we may find that they disappear, which after over 60 years of TCC, would be very regrettable. So therefore, I leave it to you, the Members/Associate Members of this fine club to step up and be counted.

If any of you have any issues or suggestions, please feel free to contact me by phone (07955853558) or email ( and I will endeavour to help if at all possible.

Thanks again for your support in the past.

John Woods – Commodore


The 2018 cruising season starts up in Ardrossan.  We are calling this muster a “Shake-Down” as it is going to take place soon after the lift-in.  The prices for this muster will follow and a meal will be booked in Cecchinis.

The Largs muster has been moved into May in the hope that the weather will be better in that month potentially allowing more boats and members to go up.  This will be on the 12/13 May. It is hoped to book the Bosun’s Table.

This is the 2018 cruising programme…….

  • 28/29 April                Ardrossan
  • 12/13 May                 Largs
  • 16/17 June                Arran
  • 27/29 July                 Port Bannatyne
  • 25/26 August            Holy Loch
  • 8/9 September          Largs
  • 15/16 September      Tarbert

We are running the programme dates to coincide with the events around the Clyde.


The Social side of things ………

First of all, a huge thank you to John Woods, for giving so much time and energy to the social side of the club over the past few years, and also for volunteering, once again, to do a spot of cooking in our busy galley when the lift in comes along in April.

Alongside our shared sailing interests and activities, it is hoped to engage our members, their families and their friends, in a number of pleasurable, “off the water” events, with a view to giving us all more opportunities to enjoy life and one another’s company.

The Curry Night, the Mediterranean Evening, and the Dry Week-End on the banks of Loch Fyne are now popular fixtures in our Social Calendar. Stand-by for dates. Many have yet to be finalised but one has already been fixed and with your support, next year’s Burns Supper will take place in Troon on Rabbie’s birthday, so please try to keep Friday 25th January 2019 free if you possibly can !

Personally, I enjoy a good quiz. I wonder if any of you would enjoy that too ? Let me know. We could organise some nautical quiz nights for ourselves. These could be in the clubhouse, or maybe in a nearby drinking establishment.  We could even form a team to challenge the Lifeboat Crew to a quiz match !!

To everyone in the club, and especially our club’s award winners, please consider volunteering to talk to us about your adventures.  We have so much to learn from one another, and so much to laugh about too ! Please be encouraged to share your ideas and your experiences. Your support is crucial.

To start the season off, we’ve arranged for a talk on the topic of “Basic Weather Forecasting” to be given on Wednesday 11th April 2018 in the clubhouse by a most experienced sail trainer and club member.


Lift- In will be on Saturday 14th April 2018 and will be a 7 o’clock start to catch the tide.

There are various works going on throughout the compound both currently and ongoing throughout the season.

These works will include new LED lighting throughout the compound and also covering the landing pontoon area.  New locks throughout the club with one key that fits all are imminent.

There are planned upgrades for the slipway along with improvements to the wall and fence around the reclaimed land.

The area around the picnic benches has been improved with new stone together with remedial works on the benches.

We now have two drop off load/off load parking spaces defined by the same light colour stone. Please respect the new 20 minute maximum rule for these two spaces. There will also be a no parking sign adjacent to the top of the walk way which is the narrowest point in the compound.

There are other projects in the pipeline as time and finances allow.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed both time and effort, which has allowed the projects to move forward to benefit us all. We trust that we can rely on your continued cooperation and support.

Thankyou – Compound Sub Committee


 The role of this convenorship has changed significantly over the years and it is now felt that a Mooring Committee is required rather than the historic arrangement whereby the role was carried out by a single Council member.

The Mooring Committee is responsible for the allocation and general management of the following key aspects of the Club:

  • Wall Moorings
  • Trot Moorings
  • Island Pontoon berths
  • Landing Pontoon
  • Dinghy Carousel
  • Drying Grid

The Mooring Committee Members for 2018 are:

  • Kyle Stewart, Westwing (Mooring Convenor and Chair)
  • John Woods, Free Spirit;
  • John Lewis, Beeswing
  • Stuart Cockbain, Pizzaz
  • Iain Gairns, Storm

The first point of contact for all Mooring issues is via the Mooring Convenor, Kyle Stewart. Kyle is a TCC Council member and he reports on all areas of responsibility for moorings to the full Council.

Due to the impending retirement of Babs Henderson the Mooring Committee will now be responsible not just for the allocation and general management of the moorings but also the administrative aspects. The Mooring Committee will be contacting you regarding the payment of all mooring fees. On this point we strongly urge you to pay close attention to deadlines associated with not just Mooring fees, but all fees associated with Club Membership. Please note that past flexibility is no longer sustainable.

The Mooring Committee keeps in close contact via phone, text and email and therefore any one of the aforementioned members will be able to assist with mooring-related questions or issues if need be. The Committee meets as necessary and will continue to provide updates and notes from meetings to keep members up to date with the latest news.

As noted at the AGM there continues to be significant developments underway with regards moorings:

Landing Pontoon – Remedial works to the pontoon have been underway. However the rectifications were considerably greater than first anticipated. New metal work has been fabricated together with new floats.

Once a date for the full completion is known members will be notified.

Island Pontoon – Yacht Havens now have the materials on site with which to start refurbishment work due to the storm damage sustained over the festive period. For those who have yet to remove bow fenders and other apparel we strongly urge you to remove these as soon as possible in order for Yacht Haven to complete the required work. Whilst removing your bow fenders please take the time to address your mooring lines and any attachments to cleats that should not be there as it is noted that despite several requests some berth holders are still continuing to use shackles and chain onto the pontoon cleats. This can result in damage to the cleats and in some instances they have had to be replaced. No one has been billed for this yet ! (Mooring Committee members can give you advice if you are in doubt)

Inner Trot Moorings – Yacht Havens have awarded the contract for the replacement of the moorings. Whilst we have no fixed timescale for this as yet we do hope that they will be in place by the time the boats are lifted back into the water. It would be good to have our friends back from the marina pontoons.

Wall Moorings – Parting bridles over recent months have served to highlight once again the poor state of repair of several bow moorings. It is noted that a combination of bridles being too short, incorrect angles and excessively corroded chain will make mooring unviable. Please note that the use of cheap low quality chain will have increased the rate of corrosion and will fail within as little as 18 months !

The Mooring Committee will release further communication and details to wall berth holders on this issue shortly. We remind you that ALL berth holders are expected to check their moorings regularly.

Kyle Stewart – Moorings Convenor

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