Newsletter – December 2018

Troon Cruising Cub Newsletter – December 2018


Once again as the year draws to a close, and it is time to reflect. In my opinion the year has been a successful one for Troon Cruising Club in as much as we have attracted 14 new Full Members and 11 new Associate Members. We also have some 9 new boats and have retained two which were sold but the new owners decided to join the Club. So let me once again welcome every new member and it is good to see them around the club and at the social events.

On the subject of social events, which have been very well attended, from the Burns Supper at the beginning of the year, the pre-season meeting, the Mediterranean Night, New Members and Prize Giving Night, (please will someone try to sail further than David Cameron in 2019!) and more recently the Curry Night – with particular thanks to Jonny Morton (one of our new members) of the Harbour Bar who provided the bar stock on a sale or return basis. The dry weekend was enjoyed by some 17 members and friends at the North West Castle in Stranraer this year, and in July we hosted a reception at the club for the Cruising Association of Ireland.The weather favoured us and there was a good turnout of members to welcome the visitors who thoroughly enjoyed the whole afternoon and evening.

While the Social Events on the whole have been well attended, there is always room for improvement, so remember this is your club and try to make every effort to attend events that are organised for your enjoyment by Carolyn and her Social Team. These take quite a bit of organising and attending them is one way of showing your appreciation for their hard work.

Personally, my only sailing experience this year was TCC’s trip to the Aegean, in which 21 members and friends, in 3 Bavaria 50s, participated. Everything went according to plan and I am hoping to organise another sailing holiday to the Ionian at the beginning of May, and am currently monitoring the flight availability and price. Anyone interested should get in touch with me either by email – or by phone 07955853558. David Cameron, Jim Haslam and Christine Tierney, one from each yacht, have prepared logs on our adventures, which will be posted on the Social Notice board for anyone who wishes to read them, but again please do not remove them. Which brings me to another criticism – would members please not remove the minutes from the notice board, as has been happening again this year. These can be read and put back in the sleeve provided.

My year as Commodore has been relatively uneventful, in so much as it has not been necessary for me to call in and see Stephen Bennie at the Yacht Haven, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stephen and his staff for all the recent improvements they have afforded us over the year – refurbishment of the landing pontoon and repairs to the Island Pontoon, all of which are very much appreciated.

The lifts this year have been managed very successfully by the Compound Sub Committee and the co-operation of the members involved, especially the new members. We lifted 31 boats at lift out after having to alter the day from the Saturday to the Sunday, but everything went smoothly, and once again we appreciate those members who manned the galley, and in particular Agnes Gairns, as always, the stalwart at the cash box.

I have been approached by many of the new members, who have expressed how impressed they are with the club, and its facilities, and are more than pleased with the support and help they have had since joining, and that they are happy that they decided to bring their boats into the club.

As most of you will be aware, our Club Secretary/Treasurer, and my partner, Babs Henderson is finally retiring after 50 years continuous service to the Club. Her duties will be undertaken by various sub committees, ably assisted by Val Hughes (secretarial) and Kat Watson (accounting).

So, moving forward it is imperative that members adhere to the dates for making payments, be it for subscriptions, mooring fees or lifts in order to maintain a smooth operation. In the past there may have been some leeway, but unfortunately this will now cease, and the Council ask that you adhere to the rules regarding payment as failure to do so will incur a penalty, unless exceptional circumstances have been notified to the Council.

Commodore – John Woods


With this newsletter is also attached – Renewal Form for 2019/20 – please note the return by date to enable the moorings committee to sort out the mooring requirement for the next year.

The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 30th January in the South Beach Hotel. Please read carefully.

The draft Minutes for the 63rd Annual General Meeting are also included towards the end of this newsletter.

Members should note at this time, but will be reminded again, that the fees fall due no later than 21 days after the AGM, and the mooring fee (which has yet to be established) fall due by 31 March 2019. Island Pontoon berth holders will be advised in due course as theirs is length dependant, and until the Renewal Forms are returned the Mooring Committee will be unable to establish the final figure for each boat moored thereon.


In July we organised a Welcome reception for the arrival of a number of Irish sailors from The Cruising Association of Ireland. They had been cruising around the Clyde and Troon had been selected as a “port of call” on their last leg back to Ireland. The reception was well attended by both club members and Irish folk, it was blessed with fine weather and was followed by a very pleasant & enjoyable BBQ in the club compound. All in all, it was a very hospitably occasion and as a gesture of their appreciation, TCC was presented with a CAI club flag and a barometer which has been put up on the wall in the clubhouse.

In November a group of members and their friends ventured down the coast to spend a weekend at The North West Castle Hotel in Stranraer. Besides the fine dining offered by the hotel, dancing, swimming, watching competition curling and playing table tennis were just some of the activities that were enjoyed by the party.

We also recently hosted a New Member’s Night to coincide with the annual prize giving ~ combining these 2 events gave some of our newer members the chance to meet and chat with some of our longer-standing members & this year’s prize-winners.

In spite of the nasty weather, about 30 members came along to the club’s Curry Night on the evening of Friday 7th December and enjoyed a number of home-made curries. Thank you to everyone who either cooked, contributed, or simply came along to support the event.

Remember: on Saturday 15th December Santa will be coming to the club for an appearance at the Children’s Christmas Party. If you know of any children who would like to meet Santa, and attend the party which is scheduled to take place in the clubhouse between 3 and 5 in the afternoon, please give Carolyn a call.

Looking ahead to 2019, we have the Club’s Burn’s Supper on Friday 25th January at the Troon Links Municipal Golf Course clubhouse (you may remember it as “The Bunker”), which is very close to Troon railway station. I’m planning the meal choices at the moment, so please let me know if you have any special dietary requirements e.g. vegetarian, gluten-free etc.

A huge thank you to everyone who, in those often invisiblebut incredibly valuable ways, helps to support the social running of the club. Without your help, advice and personal contributions,events wouldn’t happen, so thank you again.

Finally, I’m very happy to report that we have been able to make a donation of £50 to a local cancer charity from the proceeds of our club raffles.

Carolyn Voisey, Social Convenor


This is one of the youngest trophies awarded in TCC, but it is also one of the most important.

It recognises the people who make the club what it is.

Without these people there would be no club – there may be a moorings association… but probably not.

If the trophy were older, it would carry the names of those who formed the club, those who fought for its survival against the Knox-Johnston consortium when they built the marina, those who financed and built the clubhouse, those who negotiated our boundaries when P&O occupied the old shipbreakers yard, and all the time there were AND ARE others who manage the finances and tedious daily business that accompanies any organisation. It is quite sobering to think that there are members who actually pay for the privilege of dealing with the drudgery of managing our club.

Then there are the helpful folk who just do things…. the perennial galley-slaves, the core members who can be relied upon to respond to the ‘work party’ call, the ones with skills or access to something that you need.

In short, the club is its people and this trophy is for the people by the people, no boats allowed.

So, your vote matters. Please use it. Closing date 31st December 2018.

Email will do!


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