Newsletter December 2017

Commodore’s Report

Your convenors provide the details of our recent activities so I needn’t repeat anything, I just  need to thank them for the considerable time and effort they expend on the club’s behalf . A special word of thanks to Babs who is stepping down after nearly 50 years of (pretty-well single-handedly) managing the club. Thankfully, she’s doing a soft-exit in order to let us sort ourselves out over the next few months.  Our new girl-Friday is Valerie Hughes and you will all meet her at the AGM if not before.

Those of us with boats still  afloat may take advantage of the bright crisp days although often the best intentions  don’t come to fruition.  I see evidence online of some lucky people further up the river enjoying better weather now than we had this “Summer”…

For those ashore, the explosives will be safely hidden in the garden shed and hopefully the fresh water all drained away before expensive bits get broken by the frost.  Batteries on a trickle charge, fresh oil in the engine, upholstery in the loft and Bob’s yer uncle – only the outside stuff to do.

It all sounds so simple, yet a month on from lift-out I have to confess the above list is still unfinished in Sahona’s case. Lots of other things going on and it’s too cold to be hanging round the compound.

I need an anti-lethargy injection or a good kick up the bahoochy and a bigger shed. I wonder if there are others in a similar position?  I’m sure all will come good in the end and boats will be shiny and ready for the 2018 season which has got to be better than this year.

Your club is going through a period of change,  as it has before and survived. I’m convinced the changes we are having to make are for the long-term good, and expect everyone to have TCC’s best interests at heart. This means joining in when ‘things’ are happening, and prompt response to  meet our deadlines.

John McFarlane Trophy – At this time of year we ask all our members to consider who in their opinion has contributed most to the Club in the current year.  You will see from the attached form that the family has specifically requested that this Trophy be awarded for non-sailing activities. This trophy may be awarded to any member of Troon Cruising Club – Full or Associate.  Please therefore give this your consideration and if you would like to nominate someone for this award, please complete the attached form and return it to the committee room or to Babs before 31 December 2017.  The trophy will be awarded on the night of the AGM.  Sadly John’s widow died in November2015, but the family wish the trophy to continue to be presented. Voting form for the John McFarlane Trophy 2017

Finally, I hope Santa has been to your local chandlery and everything he brings meets your expectations. Season’s greetings to you and yours!



The 2017 TCC Cruising Awards presentation event took place in the clubhouse on October 20th in conjunction with the Beer & Burger Night. The event was well attended, the clubhouse was packed full, and a video of The 2016 Round Britain Challenge was shown.

This season, and for the first time for a number of years, the club was delighted to award a number of Junior Prizes. Interestingly, all the winners were girls, and here are their names:

Emily Andrews, Lola Barrett, Carissa Barrett and Cailyn Barrett.

This year’s main trophies were awarded as follows;

TROPHY                                  WINNER                                BOAT

REDWING TROPHY                DAVID CAMERON                MOODY BLUE


TANKARD TROPHY                BRENT MORRISON             EAGLE

ANCHOR TROPHY                 JOHN HASTON                     ARLIL

COSALT TROPHY                   BILL STEWART                    SAHONA


TCC QUAICH                           BRYAN SWEENEY               OBERON

NEBULA TROPHY                   MICHAEL HAYES                 SEQUOIA

David Cameron won the Redwing Trophy for sailing his Yacht “Moody Blue” around the western isles to Stornoway and back to Troon.  He covered 948 nautical miles in 38 days.

The Tankard Trophy was awarded to Brent Morrison for his cruise around the Clyde aboard his Jaguar 27 which is named “Eagle”. This trophy is awarded to the skipper that attains the greatest distance travelled in 17 days. This cruise also earned him the Saturn Sail Trophy which is given for the most enterprising cruise by a new member.

The Anchor Trophy was presented to John Haston for his cruise in July on “Arlil” (Elkins Yawl) to Tarbert for the Traditional Boat Festival and then onto Northern Island.

Our Commodore, Bill Stewart, won the Cosalt Trophy for his extended summer stay in Port Bannatyne on the island of Bute.

Bryan Sweeney, skipper of “Oberon” was awarded the TCC Quaich (Sailing Season of Merit) for his sailing adventures aboard his Bavaria 36.

Finally, The Nebula Trophy was won by Michael Hayes for his outstandingly comprehensive log detailing his many sailing adventures aboard “Sequoia” between April and September 2017.

Congratulations to all our winners for sharing their intrepid and exciting voyages as well as their sailing logs with us.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

From Your Cruising Convenors, Ewan Black and Carolyn Voisey

Social Report

Beer and Burger night and Presentation of Cruising Prizes – There was an excellent turnout and everyone enjoyed both the DVD featuring the Round Britain Challenge 2016 and the tasty burgers. We were able to send £100 to this very worthy cause to assist them with their expenses for the 2017 Challenge

We (myself, Babs, Carolyn, David and Raymond) enjoyed a very pleasant week cruising in the Ionian, setting out from Corfu, and did some 210 miles overall. The cruise was not without its challenges, but everyone rose to the occasion and it added to the fun.  We are preparing for another cruise in October 2018. We are going to the Boat Show in London in January, and I will speaking to my contacts in the charter business to try and broker a good deal.  If anyone is interested please let me know.

The Lift-out Galley on 21 October was busy as usual and we have to thank all the ladies who turned out to assist throughout the day, and also for the soup and home baking which complemented the bacon butties.  What would we do without you.

Around 40 members and friends enjoyed the weekend at the Loch Fyne Hotel in Inverrary in November – the food as always was to die for, and the meeting of friends old and new was a delight.

At present we are working on the programme for the Burns Supper on 9 February 2018 and anyone wanting tickets should be in touch to book them with me.  We have a gentleman, a Mr Willie Gibson, who comes highly recommended by George Hunter (who will attend the Burns Supper on his return from Oz) and who is well versed in Burns, having travelled far and wide to do various items.  Babs has met with him on a couple of occasions, to talk over the programme which promises to be – different! Cost of tickets £22.50.

That will be my final task as Social Convenor (Babs heaves a heavy sight of relief) and we have Carolyn Voisey, who will take on the convenorship. Carolyn has some great ideas and I hope you will support her in all the activities she plans.

John Woods – Social Convenor – Phone 07955853558 or 01292 311908.


This newsletter is a precursor to the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting which will be forwarded in the week after 19 December, but to alert you meantime, the AGM is set to take place on Tuesday 30 January at the South Beach Hotel, commencing at 7.30 pm.

Along with the Agenda, will be attached the Minutes from the last AGM, and a renewal form (which is also attached to this letter).  It is imperative that this form be completed and returned by the date stated – i.e. 11 January 2018.  The accounts will be available when completed at the AGM.

While donations for the RNLI from individual members have dropped considerably this year, we are delighted to tell you that the Christmas Stall by the RNLI drew in £123.65. Thanks to everyone who made purchases.

Sadly, we have lost some members and past members in the year 2017, let’s hope next year will be better.  We said goodbye to John MacKinnon, Geoff Fagan, Iain Johnstone, Mrs Mona Lapping and Mrs Meg Evans.  All of whom were very active members of the club in one capacity or another, and it has been very sad to hear of their passing.


A big thank you to Carolyn and Ewan for dressing the Christmas Tree and putting up the decorations in the clubhouse.

Since employing the neighbour’s cat, we have not had any more furry visitors, however, we still need to keep all food covered up for the sake of everyone’s health.

The cleaner puts out the Wet Floor signs after mopping the floor, and leaves before the floors are dry.  Could someone return the signs to the broom cupboard when the floor is no longer a hazard.


PLEASE don’t leave the clubhouse  unlocked, if you even just drop the latch on the Yale when you leave, even if there are cars in the car park – everyone should have a key.  It’s  your tea money in the jar!

Last person out should also check the garage doors before leaving and locking the big gate.


Andy McRoberts – Clubhouse Convenor


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