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Most of you will of heard about Ewan’s accidental fall while clearing his boat, which resulted in a fractured hip.  I am sure you will all wish him a speedy recovery.  I have been asked to take over as cruising convener in a temporary capacity. Since Ewan has already carried out most of the organisation for this year, I don’t expect there will be a great deal for me to do.

Arran Muster 22 & 23 June

We have four boats signed up so far for this muster next weekend.  It is pleasing that we have two non-boat owning members coming with us on this muster and I encourage more non-boat owning members to get into contact for future musters.

We will anchor off Holy Island, I invite all to join us on Noodle for evening meal (probably curry) and drinks.  Hopefully it will be reasonably calm and we will be able to raft up.

Will boat owners going please drop me an email to advise on numbers for catering – I hope I will be able to manage, but you may have to bring your own utensils.

Gigha Trip – Meeting TCC clubhouse Wed 26 June, 7pm

We advised a cruise in company to Gigha (incorporating a muster to Campbeltown) starting from Saturday 3 August earlier in the year so that you can arrange your diaries accordingly.

There has been a good response and it seems a number of boats will be going.  We have also received responses from members seeking crewing opportunities.

Gigha is a good setting off point for further points North and West and I expect some boats will then set off from there to Oban (say) and beyond.  It is also a good starting point for exploring southern part of the Inner Hebrides.  I assume some boats will want to return within one or two weeks

For those thinking of a shorter trip, we need to decide on the return to Troon, whether there is still a need to arrange to go in company or whether skippers are comfortable returning singly.

Return can be via the Crinan Canal or back around the Mull of Kintyre.  The Canal can be hard work and it seems they want vessels to pass through in convoy.  This can be inconvenient.

Purpose of the meeting is to seek preferences on return dates and passage.  If you cannot make the meeting will you please email me to advise:

1. Whether you intend to return on your own or not.
2. If you want to return in company, your preference for dates.
3. Crinan or Mull of Kintyre preference for return.

I will have charts pilot books and Admiralty tidal stream atlas available to discuss possible passages from Gigha.


I am looking forward to the Gas Safety talk on 25 July.  We all carry around a potential bomb on the form of a gas cylinder for cooking and I am sure there will be something we can all learn.

On the topic of safety, the other form of high energy we all carry is the 12 volt car battery.  These can deliver huge amounts of electrical energy in a short space of time – that is why they are used to start our engines.  The only cable connected to the battery positive without a fuse should be that connected to the starter.  Check the cable to your electrical panel is fused at or close to the battery.

Finally, any non-boat owning member seeking to build up their experience with short trips in the Clyde, please contact me and we will arrange something.

Please send all replies and responses directly to my email address below.

[email address not included in website copy – please use the mobile number]

Peter  (NOODLE)

Peter Bunning
Tel: 0777 623 1659

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