Lift dates, Mast dates, Duty roster

Lift-in will commence at 8.00 am on Saturday 11th April 2020.

All help will be greatly appreciated.  There are numerous tasks required to be done on lift day and many hands make light work.  We trust we can rely on your support and cooperation. There will be two mast stations operating.  Would boat owners please present your boats in an orderly manner with running and standing rigging all present and correct to avoid delays. Any member not lifting in or with a particular request please make sure one of the compound committee are aware. A copy of lift procedure will be circulated shortly in a separate email.

Could all members occupying a temporary winter berth please vacate the pontoon as soon as is practically possible to allow mast stations to be set up.  There is considerable movement on the pontoon for the start of this season and we kindly ask the membership to work with us in facilitating any changes required to accommodate new boats.

Moorings committee recently issued a revised wall mooring drawing. It is our intention to survey wall mooring equipment ahead of the lift and give feedback to individual members to remedy numerous mooring problems up the wall. It would be our aspiration that members work with us following the criteria in the wall mooring drawing to achieve this.


Compound and Moorings Committee

Lift Out: Saturday 19th October 2019

8:00 start.

Lift out list will go up on the club noticeboard on Saturday 14th September for 2 weeks.

Compound Committee

There will be two mast stations available on Saturdays late September or early October. Week day may be available by personal arrangement with either Jack Gairns or Bill Stewart.

Mast stations will open at 10.30 on each of these days, Please make sure you present your boat in an orderly manner with sails removed, rigging slackened and all running rigging in a tidy manner.

Mast stations are maned by members voluntarily offering their boats and time, Please be respectfully of this contribution and do not turn up late and demand your mast taken down. This has happened in the past and is not deemed as appropriate or acceptable behaviour, We trust that we can count on your cooperation in this matter.

Compound Committee