Newsletter September 2016



The weather has again this year been up and down, but hasn’t stopped our members using their boats for cruising or racing.
Friday 17 June saw the Westerly Owners Association at the Club thanks to Shirley and David Scott (Gannet) for looking after them on the night and setting up the clubhouse and compound.
The Club now has a Philips Heartstart Defibrillator which is located just inside the clubhouse door. On behalf of the Club, Bill Stewart put forward a bid to South Ayrshire Council for funding under their Health and Social Care Partnership Scheme and successful secured £700 (well done Bill) and a very generous member of the Club, who wishes to remain anonymous, very kindly donated the balance of £350 – very many thanks – you know who you are! Training in the use of this item is currently being organised.
After the break-in at the start of August when Jack Gairns and Don Lindsay both lost outboards, and Shirley and David Scott lost an Avon Redcrest Dinghy off their boat, can all members please be vigilant around the clubhouse, the compound the the club boats. We are currently upgrading the security around the clubhouse, and again more about this later.
The lift-out this year is 29 October, and mast stations will be organised over the weekends following the Closing Muster.
Ewan Black

Boat Jumble
The Club is holding a boat jumble on Saturday 1 October from 10 until 2 followed by a stand at the Scottish Boat Jumble at Irvine on Sunday 2 October – See notice in the clubhouse for more details. Bring any unwanted sailing gear to trade with other members and raise funds for the club. Any volunteers to help run the boat jumble are very welcome.

John Haston

Winter Storage Charges

The method the Club uses for charging winter storage was based on the premise that the storage charge per metre should be such as to account for approximately 2/3 of the land rent the Club pays to the Marina. It has been used without problem for at least 15 years – possibly longer.
However, last year’s effective charge-per-metre of storage had doubled compared with the 2013 charge two years previously. There are three reasons for the charge to increase:
1. Increase in rent – probably less than 5% over the two years.
2. Charge to be increased by 50% -agreed at AGM two or three years ago.
3. Significant reduction in number of boats stored this winter – say 44 down to 33 would mean a 33% increase in charge.
Combined this implies a doubling of the cost in 2015 compared previous cycle charge in 2013
Now that we are storing more boats over the summer, the method of charging is being reviewed so as hopefully to avoid such sudden significant changes in future: not necessarily avoiding increases though. This year the charge will be based on the covering the ground rent (£3850) but it will assume 40 boats with an LOA of 8.5 metres will be stored: 8.5 metres is the mean LOA of the 94 boats in the Club. Therefore, this year, the charge will not depend on the number of boats lifted.
Storage will be charged at £11.30 per metre for this coming winter.

J Hall


Further to our recent incident of thefts, I would like to thank Don Lindsay and his work parties in their efforts to I improve our security. We intend to work forward to improve this even further, and make improvements in as many areas as we can. We are currently looking to install better lighting throughout the compound.
Looking at other forms of deterrents, it appears that the use of Smart Water has been very successful throughout the marina industry. I contacted the Smart Water Company for some ideas of pricing, and was able to negotiate a considerable discount to the normal pricing. A five y ear marine coding deal would be £112.80, but if we have enough interest and can get over 51 boat owners interested, it will drop down to £74.40, and if we can get over 76 members to sign up, it will be £63.60. I would encourage you to Google Smart Water for yourself, and read the advantages, and success of this product. We will look at numbers of interested parties shortly to see if this would be viable. In the meantime, can I ask that every one remains vigilant, and adheres to the protocol with regards to the gate with the on-coming winter months. I trust I can rely on your co-operation in this regard.


The lift-out will take place on Saturday 29 October this year. We are aiming for a 7 am start to make best use of the tide. We still have further preparatory work to do around the compound with regard to boat movements, and marina lifts, so if you could please follow the advice of notices/emails which will be posted in the clubhouse/over the internet, it would be very helpful, and please – no assembly of cradles until either myself or George Hunter gives permission.


Last week we had an incident where a riser chain broke but prompt action from our members avoided any major damage and the Marina are looking into this.


The top platform to the landing pontoon has now been sorted and reinstalled and is operational again.

Pontoon Cleats

Bill Stewart has flagged up a valid point with regards to chain and shackles being used directly onto the cleat but unfortunately once this has been done, this makes it unsuitable for soft eyed ropes to be used, due to the exacerbated wear this creates. We will look into this further to see if there is a suitable remedy.

Bill’s input

Please do not use unprotected shackles or chains on pontoon cleats, as first it wears away the anodising, then the actual cleat metalwork. Two problems then arise – the cleat will fail eventually (and not on a calm day) and any subsequent use of rope on that cleat will be short-lived as the sharp edge of the groove will quickly cut it. We are damaging Marina property. Example below:


Sail Training

We have had practical on the water sail training/boat handling tuition taking place on Wednesday nights – many thanks again to Bob Johnston for his time and commitment.

Navigation Course

Dates and times will be posted for winter basic navigation course shortly. There are still a couple of spaces available if anyone is interested. Please contact me directly. Mobile 07747895757

Kyle Stewart

Racing Report

Autumn Points Series u underway – three races completed so far out of five (at time of writing 7 Sept), with Farr Out winning Race 1 and Hunter’s Moon winning Races 2 and 3. Argento currently leading the series with three 2nd places.

The Offshore Series concludes over the next two weekends with races to Largs on the 10th for the Closing Muster, and Tarbert on the 17th for the Music Festival. Argento currently leading by 4 pts from Farr Out but it’s still all to play for with discards available.

Wacky Races continue for another 2 Wednesday, with the last BBQ having been held on 31 august. Thanks to Andy McRoberts and Charlie Goudie from Penn Player for doing the BBQ.

Also two TCC boats have just returned from competing in the Scottish Two-Handed Race at Largs on Saturday 2 September. Boats sailed a 30 mile course through the Tan, round Holy Isle, and back through the Tan to Largs in quite tricky conditions with winds ranging from 0 – 20 kts. Farr Out (Jonathan Dickie and Dan Melaugh) placed 3rd out of 9 starters in Class 3, but Petra (Gary and Chris Muir) sadly had to retire from Class 6 due to lack of wind. Both boats flying the flag for TCC on the water and in the bar.

Lastly I’d like to stress that the Scottish Two-Handed race is a brilliant event, really well run ashore and afloat, as the finale of Largs Regatta Week. It’s a great day out on the water, and isn’t only for the hardcore racers, there are lots of family crews sailing, and with around 50 boats entered, it’s always a really fun race to be involved in. There are prizes for best Family Crew and for the ‘Most Venerable’ (I think that means crews with a bus pass…), so if any TCC members fancy a wee challenge, it’s definitely worth giving it a go one year.

Carolyn Voisey has asked me on behalf of the RNLI Troon to thank those of you who took part in the RNLI Lady Isle Race for your donation of £40.

Jonathan Dickie

Cruising Report

The Closing Muster took place at Largs on Saturday 10 September. Four boats came up, but three came up for the race and returned, with only Eliza staying over as the weather was not looking good for a Sunday return. 22 attended for the meal at the Bosun’s Table, which was most enjoyable.

With the cruising season at an end, the weather has hit some of the musters hard, but not stopped members going away on their boats.

This time of year, I am looking for your log books or stories on your trips away on y our boats, if you have been away. Can I have your logs in by 15 October.

Please also can I have all the cruising trophies returned to the clubhouse as soon as possible.

Ewan Black (Cruising Convenor)

Social Report

With lift-in on 29 October, we are looking for some assistance with the Galley. Unfortunately Babs and I had arranged a weekend in Poland over that date, so we are unable to be there, but Izzy McGowan has very kindly volunteered to step into the breach, and we would appreciate you giving her your support. Thank you so much Izzy! By the time you receive this, there will be a list for volunteers on the notice board and if you can afford two hours of your time that day, it would be very much appreciated. There are slots of two hours each from 8 am through until 4 pm. Any soup or home baking would be much appreciated too.

As is usual at this time of year, the RNLI stall will be on hand with their Christmas goodies, to which we hope you will give your support.

The next event takes place the following weekend when some 25 couples are going to the Loch Fyne Hotel and Spa for two nights. This has been an ongoing event for some years now and is enjoyed by those to continue to come year on year. The cost is £200 for dinner, bed and breakfast for the two nights per couple. The hotel which stands on the shores of Loch Fyne, and just a short walk from Inveraray with plenty to see and do, boasts a wonderful leisure facility of pool, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and outdoor hot tub (yes even in November!) and the cuisine is second to none. There is a Spa facility too, but the treatments are not included in the price for the weekend sadly! The staff are most courteous and welcoming. There maybe space for another few but we will require to finalise the numbers over the next couple of weeks, so if you want to come along, please let us know as soon as possible. Either Babs’s email or mine or my mobile 07955853558. Or if you have put your name down and find now that you cannot go, please let us know that too.

Children’s Christmas Party 3 December – We hope that some of the members’ children or grand-children will want to come to the Christmas party this year – it had to be cancelled last year through lack of support, but even if we have to cancel again, the children whose names are put forward will be getting a small treat anyway. It may be that we will change the format, possibly with tickets for a local panto instead. (Mums and Dads would have to attend too if this were the case)


We have been preparing for the Burns Supper the date of which is 10 February 2017 and will be again held in the Dundonald Bowling Club. George Hunter and David Lacy have been instrumental in obtaining some excellent Burns speakers and it should be another excellent night. The cost of the tickets are £20 each. If it’s possible can you please reserve your tickets at least, so that we can arrange the catering.

John Woods (Social Convenor) 07955853558

Miscellaneous Notes from Babs

Club burgees are available prices £22 each if more recent members are interested please contact me by email or phone 01292 311908 or 07828586384

The Tennamast cradles being sold off by Barcaldine Marine have all been bought by Malcolm at 07835575853. He has a more realistic price: 6 leg – £650 , 4 leg – £500. Give him a call if interested.

John (Woods) and I were surprised and delighted to receive an invitation to attend the Royal Garden Party at Holyrood House on Tuesday 5 July, made possible by one of our members in recognition of my long number of years with the Club. We had a wonderful day among other 7998 attendees, enjoying dainty sandwiches and cakes with tea, coffee and soft drinks (no alcohol) before the Queen and her retinue graced us with her presence. It was a great thrill for us and although weren’t one of those chosen to be presented personally to the Queen, it is a never-to-be-forgotten event! Even the weather was kind to us! Thank you so much my friend.


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