A Call for Help  ~~~~ we are looking for volunteers to help out in the TCC Galley on Sunday 14th October ~~~ LIFT-OUT day. The galley provides hot drinks, bacon & egg rolls, soup and cakes throughout the day so that rain or shine the work teams are able to stay well-fed and watered. If you could lend a hand for a couple of hours or are able to provide some home-made soup or perhaps some cakes or scones or biscuits …….THAT WOULD BE TERRIFIC ….. just bring them along on the day or give Moira Brown a call on 07912979653.

Lift Out

Dear members,

Please be advised the decision has been made to change lift – out from Saturday 13th to SUNDAY 14th.

This decision has not been take lightly, but should afford us the best possible chance to proceed with the lift-out.

However there is still a possibility that the lift may have to be cancelled, and rescheduled at a later date. If that turns out to be the case, notification will be given on Friday 12th .

We hope this has not caused too much inconvenience.

Regards, compound committee.


Could all members lifting there boats out this year please ensure there cradles/trailers are clearly identifiable with the boats name that is going to be using it.

This is particularly relevant if you are borrowing someone else’s cradle, attach signage that is water and wind proof with boat name clearly marked.

Please do not double mark cradles or trailers with permanent maker or the likes as this just creates further confusion.

We trust that we can rely on your cooperation in these matters.

If you should have any questions or queries with regards the above please feel free to contact either compound convenor or any member of compound committee.

Regards compound committee.

Moorings Compound and Lift Out

Island Pontoon

The marina have reported that the renovation work they had undertaken on the pontoon is finished therefore berth holders may once more attach any fenders they have to their pontoon berth.

Mooring Committee


All club members having their boat lifted out this year who have their cradle tied against the wall and would like help to lift it down have been offered the assistance of George Hunter on Sunday 30th September 2018 from 10.30 am. George cannot do this on his own and therefore requests your help with this work party.

Compound Committee


Can those of you whose boats are being lifted out please familiarise yourselves again with the procedures for boat lifting.
Those newer members who are coming out should have received these procedures in the New Boat-Owner Member pack handed out when you were interviewed.
If any member is unsure, please advise by return email and this will be forwarded to you.
B  Henderson