Beer N Burger night with presentations by representatives from Crinan and Tarbert

Hope as many of you as possible will be able to attend the Beer N Burger Night  on Wednesday 15th March.  Here are a few details of the programme.
We would like to see members arriving about 7 to get settled down to a 7.30 start.
There are three presenters who will talk for about 10 minutes each –
Kirsten Henderson, who is the Business Development Coordinator: – Harbour Developments, Muster Packages, Rates and Offers
Joe Murphy – Crinan Canal Manager – Follow up on history, as well as current operations assisted passage and pricing.
Donna Mallan – Customer Services Manager with Scottish Canals – Customer service excellence, partnerships, activities and sights around the area, offers.
They will also be introducing a competition with a prize valued at over £400, and will be happy to take questions for up to half an hour afterwards. They will have to leave shortly after their presentations as they have to drive back to Tarbert that night, so that they will not be able to join us for the Beer N Burgers. Hopefully we might be able to give them some sustenance before they start!
It is essential that we have a good turnout and we must ask that you let me know by email if you will manage, as the group will not come if there are too few people coming.  Hopefully at least 30 to 40 please therefore RSVP to John or Babs.  Thanks to those who have already!
After they depart it will be an opportunity for all members attending to discuss their hopes for cruising this year with Ewan and Carolyn, so that we can drum up some enthusiasm, even if the weather is not good, by having a good day in or around the club.
Beer N Burgers will be provided at no cost, but donations will be gratefully received.
Looking forward to a good response.

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